Which Spy should I buy? Honey? Fortuny? Metallic? Dark Brown?

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Which Spy should I choose?

  1. Metallic Gold and Silver Spy

  2. Honey Leather Spy

  3. Fortuny Spy

  4. Dark Brown Spy

  5. Black Spy

  6. Other... please state which.

  7. Don't buy a Spy, save your money for...(insert bag and or other item here).

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I am considering which should be my first Spy purchase. I want to be able to carry it with many different things, and into the Fall season of course. I am wondering between the below. I have wrote in my own thoughts on each, but I would appreciate yours. What bag would you choose? Or none of the above, in which case which?

    Metallic Gold and Silver Spy Spring 06?
    (My thoughts: Metallics too trendy? Too flashy?)
    Fendi Silver Gold Spy 1 new_edited-1.jpg

    Fendi Silver Gold Spy 7 new.jpg

    Fendi Silver Gold Spy 6 new.jpg

    Honey Leather Spy Spring 06?
    (My thoughts: What kind of shoes do I wear with Honey leather? Does honey leather go with everything or nothing - unlike dark brown, black or white the color does not repeat itself in clothing or shoes... Would I be better off with a dark brown? Yet honey is such a pretty color in this style, and unlike the Fortuny, you can really see the grain of the leather, and as it is not metallic, it may be less trendy.)
    Fendi Honey Spy 3 new.jpg

    Fendi Honey Spy 13 new.jpg

    Fendi Honey Spy 5n.jpg
    Fortuny Spy from Fall 05?
    (My thoughts: It is from Fall 05, nearly a year ago...so why would I be buying it now? Yet I like the color because it goes with so many different things. Also, it seems special because of the terquoise. Or does it lose some appeal because you can no longer see the grain of the leather. Dad said it looks cheap because it looks plastic, and not leather... but what does he know about fashion? Haha. Too trendy?)
    Fendi Fortuny Spy.jpg

    Fendi Fortuny Spy 3n.jpg

    Fendi Fortuny Spy 2n.jpg

    Fendi Fortuny Spy 11n.jpg
  2. 4519_B.jpg




    Some other bags I have not purchased and taken home to look at.

    Also, I have noticed that Neimans and Saks have different size Fendi Honey Spy bags. Which size is best? Smaller or Larger?
  3. If you want to play it safe, go with dark brown. If not, FORTUNY gets my vote!!!:yes:
  4. I have seen all the colours IRL and own the dark brown so you know which one I voted for. It's such a special colour IMO. I's like rich, dark chocolate and it almost shimmers in the light. I absolutely adore it.

    A few members have complained about the honey colour staining easily and the gold although gorgeous looks to me more an evening bag. White looks like hard work.

    The only problem with the dark brown is that it may be too dark a colour for S/S but hey I'm carrying mine anyway.

    Edited to add: As far as I'm aware there is now only one size spy still in production. There used to be a large size which was HUGE. There is also a small/baby spy but that does not have the secret compartments.
  5. I think the brown or black will be the most versatile color and you'll get the most use out of it. I always have a hard time matching the tan/whiskey/honey color to what I'm wearing and I think the metallics, although very pretty, are more of a evening/special occasion colors.
  6. i choose the fortuny or the gold/silver one. they are definitely headturners. :smile: don't worry as luxe metallic dyed leather is here to stay and will surely join the classics.
  7. I personally like honey. IMO ,it is the most beautiful spy. It's so classic ad versatile but it's really depend on the color of your wardrobe. Over all, i def go for honey.

    Good luck on your choice..and thanks for giving some input in my question about bayswater and Muse. I guess we are in the same positon of hesitation.
  8. I own three of the above mentioned bags (honey, metallic and fortuny) and find that all three go with EVERYTHING. Here are some "visual aid" pics:
    SPY.JPG SPY1.JPG me&spy.JPG
  9. Ok, I take it back, lol, get one of these ^^
  10. i vote for the honey. the fortuny is really nice ets my second vote but honey is on top.
  11. Gosh, how can you choose one from that fab collection?
    its too hard!, but I cannot stop looking at LV addicts honey one.

    so, at a push, I am going for that. I adore the chocolate, its sooo rich, but if you need one for year round use, then honey would be perfect :smile:
  12. Chocolate Brown or Fortuny.
  13. I bought a Honey Spy and returned it. I just didn't like how it looked on me. Now that I've heard about how easily it gets stained I'm happy I returned it. I almost bought the Hologram (Fortuny) Spy in the Fendi store in Manhasset, NY but then decided against it. It is a beautiful bag but quite delicate. I didn't think it would stand up over time. Just recently I saw the dark brown (chocolate) Spy and fell in love. This is definitely the Spy for me. It is absolutely gorgeous! I've posted pics in another thread. Check it out. Let us know what you decide!
  14. I bought a dark brown spy for my first spy. I felt it totally made sense since it is classic, and I wasn't sure whether the Spy was MY bag or not. Once I loved it, I went on to buy a petrol and then a silver spy. Now I'm thinking of getting either the taupe wisteria or red couduroy. If I could get my hands on a fortuny I would. But not for a first spy.
  15. Hmmm... the first time I saw the chocolate brown Spy I thought it looked sad, because it is so dark that the folds of the leather, which are the key to this bag, are less pronouced (just as folds in black matte frabric would show less shadow gradiation than folds in lighter fabric), yet I do agree that the dark brown would go with more. I will have to take another look. As for the fortuny, I really do like that bag, but I don't want anyone to read it as "non-leather".

    I think it is important to keep in mind that I rarely wear jeans... I wear a lot of day dresses, and look forward to the leggings/sweater matches in the Fall... and at least for the next 6 months I will be primarily in Hawaii, with jaunts to L.A and San Fran.