Which spray to use? Wilson's or Monkey?

  1. Hi All,

    I have my Cabas Mezzo here and I need some guidance. I would like to spray the bottom and the handles. I already have a can of Wilson's leather and suede protector here. Should I use that or wait and buy some Monkey spray?

    I don't want to carry the bag until I've treated it.

  2. Due to the raves here I bought some Shining Monkey last week through their website. I've sprayed my MJ already but haven't had a change to test it out yet.

    Not sure about Wilson's, its probably fine.
  3. I used the Wilson's and it seems fine. It sprays on wet at first but dries instantaneously.

    Thanks Virgo!
  4. I've used both and so far prefer the way shining monkey goes on..
    I tend one to use my bags when i know the weather is going to be back so i cant say one is better then the other for that purpose
  5. Never used the Wilson's spray but Shining monkey a breeze to use as it dries instantaneously.