which speedy?

  1. which speedy?
    :yes: I just ordered a mono speedy 25 on eluxury.com an hour ago. Now I'm having some second thoughts.. I kinda want to change it to a Damier speedy...coz I think it will look better on me.. I'm 23 5'3 and under 100 lbs. I'm really pale and dress casual most of the time. I'm getting this speedy as a everyday bag. Any suggestions gals? Thanks :sweatdrop:
  2. I'm no help cos i love both!:graucho:
    But I think you will love the mono and it will look great!
  3. I think the mono speedy 25 will be perfect :smile:
  4. I agree, I have seen the mono speedy on a lot of petite women in casual outfits, and I think it looks fabulous on them!
    But I do see your point, I actually really really want the damier speedy over the mono!
  5. I like both, but you won't see too many people carrying Damier speedy on the street. If that is your case, you may go for the Damier.
  6. I think Mono is perfect for you but I personally prefer Damier. Just because I don't like logo-bags.
  7. I have both the mono and damier speedy bags in the 30 and I prefer my damier one personally, just like the looks of it better. But I think the regular mono can be worn into summer and I won't wear my damier in the summer, too dark for that season.
  8. I love both too. The damier is low maintenance which is a plus. The mono is more recognizable which could also be a plus. They are both beautiful and can be worn as everyday bags. You can't go wrong either way.

    I also think that the mono will make a better summer bag. I have both and will be putting my damier away for the summer.
  9. I'm 5'0 and 105 lbs, it's the perfect sized speedy for me. :yes:
  10. Mono! i think u can pull it off in casual clothing more than the damier, i dont know if anyone else thinks this, but i just think damier is more smart looking, hmm?
  11. I think you will love the mono when it's in your hands. After all, you pushed the buy it button for a reason! :yes:
  12. I think you made the perfect choice! :smile:
  13. great choice i think:smile:
  14. That's a great point!
  15. I saw this post also in a different section and I wrote there that you can't go wrong with either !