which speedy?

  1. :yes: I just ordered a mono speedy 25 on eluxury.com an hour ago. Now I'm having some second thoughts.. I kinda want to change it to a Damier speedy...coz I think it will look better on me.. I'm 23 5'3 and under 100 lbs. I'm really pale and dress casual most of the time. I'm getting this speedy as a everyday bag. Any suggestions gals? Thanks :sweatdrop:
  2. Can you order the damier in addition? Try both when they arrive and return one. It is a little easier to decide with two bags on hand.
  3. do you have access to a boutique? you can go there and try on both - they have display models for this purpose :yes: otherwise, both are great - perhaps only difference is, mono is faked a lot and most people have mono speedies, whereas damier is much less seen and doesn't scream LV as much. in terms of 25 vs 30, it sounds like 25 may be a good fit for you, but again you'll have to see for yourself.

    there is a LV subforum, where you can actually check a Visual Aids thread to see how the speedies look on members of different heights and sizes....there are TONS of photos in there of speedies! hope i helped.

  4. I personally just ordered the Damier speedy 25 and I do not own the monogram speedy. I am very happy with my decision, because the Damier is less common, but still a classic looking LV design. The Damier is a little dressier than the monogram-- I wouldn't wear it with a sweatsuit, whereas the monogram is a little more forgiving toward casual clothes. The Damier looks just stunning, though! I think it depends on what you wear, and the kind of look you are looking for. The monogram LV is also more recognizable if you are looking to make more of a statement. I do love both, but in choosing only one, I went with the Damier. You really should get what your gut is telling you and what you know you'll be happiest and suit your wardrobe best.
  5. Either one should be fine. I personally don't like Damier, except for the Azur, but Mono or Damier pretty much go with anything.
  6. Damier...not as many people have it
  7. mono
  8. i have the monogram and adore it- wait till you actually get it in your hands, it's like a rush lol i'm such a geek. but you may want to post this in the lv forum, you 'll get LOADS of opinions there!
  9. I am 24 years old. 5'1 if i stand up as TALL as possible and weigh about 110. I am usually pretty pale, for living in s.fla and wear mostly black.

    for me, the mono speedy 30 was the best LV piece I ever bought (until I got my pomme d'amour coeur a couple of days ago!) the mono goes well with every color, every tone of black and conpliments everyone, regardless of skintone with the lovely brown and gold.

    I like the damier, but I find that it is an 'older' print. generally, but not always, for the crowd just older than us. i like damier for camera equipment bags (no vachetta or leather to get dirty, not as easy to spot as Louis Vuitton, therefore less attention to my camera gear than if it were in Mono bags) and for little pieces like a wallet or clutch, when you need to be all grown up, but otherwise? mono, vernis, mat, glace and some epi keep LV young and fresh.

    I think you made the best decision! I can't wait for it to arrive for you and for you to be jumping up and down posting pix! make sure to model it, that way the next tiny little pixie of a girl can see you with your speedy as a reference and be inspired to buy their own!
  10. and i also think you should put this in the LV forum. you will get a few more passionate answers and a bunch of congratulations!

  11. I like Damier more than LV monogram especially in AZUR
  12. Both are classics- I've been leaning toward the Damier for an understated look.
  13. I prefer Damier because it's less faked and seems a little more classy and timeless.
  14. I love the damier speedy :smile:
  15. I think the mono is more casual, although I do prefer the Damier.