Which Speedy?

i like the regular speedy infinately better. i think it is a true classic and will never go out of style or date itself. whenever i see the perforated speedy i think marc jacobs got a little too excited with the office supplies... :P
i would get the Monogram or Epi leather Speedy but then i find the Speedy 25 is too small so i prefer the 30.

Oh yes,how you find using your Chanel Reissue :nuts: ???
Regluar :suspiciou :suspiciou mn '3air nfs :suspiciou * i got new perforated and u dont want to get like mine *:suspiciou

bas seriously get regular one:suspiciou
i like the regular one too.it is a classic. the perforated is nice, but you may be taking a chance if it does not do well. but ultimately what matter, is how you feel about the bag. you have to truly love it.
his angel said:
LOOOL @ Chloe ... haha .. klhm ygooloon la2 :P
as for my reissue ... ugh!!! havent recieved it yet!!! :sad: it's taking forever!!

oh really,,,:amazed:,,,we thought now you are enjoying your reissue ..:smile:,by the way yesterday i was at Chanel boutique(Amsterdam) and they have the Reissue(large and medium) at the display rack
I'm not a big fan of the perforated line either. I saw it IRL and it just didn't appeal to me. *Blah*
I vote for the regular Mono Speedy which is a classic. I love :love: mine. You can also get a Speedy Damier :nuts: