which speedy?

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  1. welcome back my dear soli :kiss:

    yes go for a mini lin 30 speeeeeeedy .. great one
  2. i say go with the damier ..its the simplest and less hassle for traveling :smile:
  3. mono for your first speedy of course no question then branch out from there
  4. Mono gets my vote. It's either that or the Damier.
  5. If you already have a mono bag (any style), get the Damier.
  6. dido, mono is a great choice too, but after i saw how many replicas are flowing around in mono...it kinda make me think twice and get the azur instead. FYI if you decide to go w/Azur or mono, don't forget to apply shinneymonkey or apple guard to protect the leather.

    Dosen't matter which of the three you go for, you just can't go wrong w/LV Speedies! Good luck and have fun for your trip!:idea:
  7. Damier since you already have a mono bag.
  8. I say the Damier! It's so pretty and that chocolate leather is great for traveling and bad weather.
  9. Since you have the Manhattan, get the Damier.
  10. Thats what I'm thinking KellyLV, My first LV bag was the Mini Lin. It's a lot more sophicated that it seems. It's Beautiful IRL. But if I had to choose b/c the three I would go for the Mono...I'm just not a leather person..

  11. WOW-wierd as mono is my DH's favorite also! LOL He calls it classic!

    My vote is for mono as well!
  12. i would go for the monogram....very classic. but i also like the damier because i don't have to worry about the vachettas...if you could get both, better! hehe
  13. i vote for damier (if you don't want to worry about the vachetta) otherwise get the mono!
  14. If you want to use it for traveling, I'll suggest a damier speedy 30 or bigger depending on how much you'll be carrying.
  15. thank u girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrls
    i have decided...at last..to get:yahoo:
    drum rolls please..





    and damier:wlae:
    yes ..i'll get the three of them..i like them alllllllll( through pics anyway)
    wish me luck..buying them this weekend:jammin:

    thanx for ur help:flowers: