which speedy?

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  1. hi there lv lovers:love:
    im getting a speedy tommorow but im not sure which one to get?
    the monogram?
    the azur?
    the damier?..(spelling?)
    need it for the airport..travelling soon....:yahoo:
    im already on the waiting list for the mirior(hopefully soon):drool:

    give me ur suggestions please:heart:
  2. Well, I have all three of those. For your first I would say Damier because of it not having the vachetta. Especially if you're using it for travel. I love all three, though. Then get the monogram and finally the azur. My husband loves the monogram best of all because it's very feminine. You really can't go wrong with any of them. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  3. Mono as it's the classic...first to take home.

    on the other don't know...are you warm weather traveling or cold weather traveling???
  4. i chose the mono as my first speedy...very classic, so that would be my pic, but if you don't want to have to worry about the vachetta at all go for the damier. I don't think the azur would be good for travelling as it is light coloured and may get dirty real easily especially at the airport (i.e. putting it through the xray scanning belt thingie, storing it under the seat while take off and landing etc.)

    I took my mono with me when I travelled two weeks ago and it did fine, I did rub against a dirty light post so the sides are a bit dirty, but it's ok...
  5. get the monogram if its your first speedy.
  6. :yes: :yes: , mono is my DH favs too because it's my first speedy plus he bought it for me..
  7. My first speedy was the Azur! :biggrin: I wanted something different from what everyone has around in my area.
  8. DAMIER!! I love Damier it's gorgeous!
  9. try all 3 then decide if which one is more appealing to you.I believe you have the manhattan pm right?I'm not sure,could be someone else and manhattan is in mono so get the damier.no vachetta.no worry.plus its not so common and very classy.
  10. I got my mono speedy 30 for Christmas last year from my husband and I wear it with EVERYTHING! Looks great with jeans to dressy. Can't rave about it enough!
  11. mono is great, but I love azur
  12. thanx girls ...u've been great help...i love the mono but yes kelly lv:yes: , i have the manhattan, thats why im hesitating...:confused1:
    i think im approching a descision...hmmmmmmmmmm...:supacool:
    nop...not yet..:roflmfao:
    keep 'em coming i appreaciate any opinion:heart:
  13. Monogram was my first, I thinks it's a great bag to kick off a collection.
  14. Monogram Speedy is a CLASSIC!
  15. what about mini lin?