Which speedy?

  1. Hey guys!

    I'm creeping around the Lv thread today (usually on Prada/miu miu), cause i'm heading down to Brown Thomas in DUblin (Ireland) soon to get my speedy. Devastated to hear about the price increase! I thought it was 24th, and I thought I would get my speedy in time for the increase :cursing:

    Anyway, thought I would ask you guys, should I get the speedy azur, or the speedy in the new mini lin croisette in navy? I quite liked the pink but my b/f told me it looks barbie-ish :push: And 25 or 30? well i'm not sure the mini lin croisette comes in 25 actually :S opinions? Thanks :flowers:

    Btw I'm 5 foot 1 and a half - yes, the half counts!
  2. I think I would go for the mini lin croissete. It is a 30 and I think it is a limited edition so it won't be around forever. Good Luck with your decision and welcome to the LV side.
  3. Hi laura...both bags are great...
    I think you should go for the 30...perfect proportions IMO..
    Mini lin is magnificent and so summer-ish(?)....Damier azur tends to become a classic now.
    I think you should buy the mini lin and later go for something in damier...
    Hope I didn't confuse you...
    Good luck
  4. I vote for the azur. I think it will hold up better with the canvas and vachetta as opposed to the white handles and min lin fabric of the croisette. Those stark white handles just scare me.

    But the croisette is seasonal and does only come in one size, so if you're totally in love with it when you try it on don't pass it by.
  5. Tough decision....both look great I'll vote Azur 30 because it's easier to maintain BUT if you like something which is not that common then go with the Croisette first than Azur later.
  6. azur !
  7. Indecisions! Does anyone know what colour the interiors of the two bags are? Is that a weird question haha
  8. azur 25! I'm exactly the same height as you and I think the 30 looks like a suitcase on me!
  9. azurs is beige fabric if i'm not mistaken..mini lin I'm not sure...
  10. Azur in 30!
  11. yeah cause i want to buy one of those base shapers before I start using it, obviously I need to firstly establish which BAG i'm getting THEN what colour it is inside!

    I am so torn!
  12. don't be...follow your heart...head to the boutique and try them on...
    It's the best advice I can give you...Let yourself decide there...
  13. Azur 30!
  14. Azur 30
  15. there is alot of support for the azur!!! I can only assume that alot of ppl own it!!! lol