Which Speedy?

  1. Which Speedy would look best on me?

    I love the Speedy 30, but I love ALL of them. :love: The ones I like most are..

    -- Monogram
    -- Damier
    -- Fushia Perforated
    -- White Multicolore (I dont think my mom would get this one though :cry: )
    -- Blue, or Green Denim (This either :cry: )

    Which would suit me best? Keep in mind, im a GUY! thats 5`8, gay with straight undertones ;] I wear any color, mostly browns but tons of brights. I'd take other suggestions too =]

    (hahaha iono what I did to the pic I attached)
  2. None.
  3. I vote for the perforated speedy.....it is fun and limited edition, I get comments on it wherever I go because it is so unique.
  4. my vote goes to speedy perfo...I saw other guy i think vuittonloverintemp has that speedy .He has it as his avatar, it looks great.
    If I saw a guy in my neighbourhood carry that speedy, I will just assume one of the guy from this forum. Mind you, I live in Gay community in this City. Gay guys love handbags and I got complement from them all the time.
  5. How abt the Damier? I think it's manly enough for a gay guy w/ straight undertones.. Perfo would be almost too flaming! :flowers:
  6. Damier Speedy.. but Do you carry a bag now? If you are for it I say Green Perfo ALL THE WAY!!!! If you dont want to completely stand out w/ it then maybe a larger speedy.. but im still chanting Green Perfo ALL THE WAY!!!!:rochard:
  7. Damier Speedy
  8. I'd say either the Perfo or the Damier. Whichever one makes your heart beat faster? :love:

    Do you live near a boutique? Have you seen all these IRL? That always helps me decide. I can get excited about a pic, then in IRL think "eh". But if I see it IRL and my heart starts pounding....LOL.

    If you live near the boutique..go with a friend and a camera and do some modeling for us! :yes:
  9. i love the idea of a speedy on a guy!! i think the perfo would be perfect for a gay guy, but since you discribe yourself as gay with straight undertones, it might be a bit too flaming. if you don't mind that, get that one! otherwise i'd go with the damier. it's a pretty masculine pattern, not very common, and would match your wardrobe. yay to you for being brave and thinking outside the box!
  10. damier speedy!!
  11. D A M I E R :graucho:
  12. Damier.
  13. fuchsia Perfo
  14. Damier or green denim!
  15. My vote is for the Damier too. I think it'll look great on you.