Which speedy?

  1. Im thinking, well I WILL buy myself a speedy soon. i always wanted one cause i think its just gorgeous and useful and classy and and and. i always thought about getting a mono but know that they have the mini lin line im not sure anymore. i really like the mono but i aswell like the mini lin a lot. which one should i get? an if the mini lin should i get it in dune or ebony? i really like both colors and im just not capable of making a choice! i asked all my friends but most of them dont even understand why i would want to get a bag for 800.-.... ;)
  2. I would definitely get the monogram, because it is iconic LV.
  3. I like the mono and the mini lin. If you get the mini lin, I would suggest the ebony so that it can be worn year round without having to worry about getting it dirty. Good Luck!!
  4. I'd suggest the Mini Lin in eBene. Classic LV with a little twist - rarely seen, easy to care for, no vachetta and simply stunning! :smile:
  5. I vote for the Monogram! it's classis!
  6. I concur:tup:
  7. Classic monogram
  8. Damier or Mono!!!
  9. MINI LIN in EBONY. It's time that someone breaks the "Mono-Speedy-for-first-LV" tradition. The Mini Lin is classy, stylish, and casual and you'll have no vachetta to worry about...

    The Ebony color is stunning. Plus, it still has the CLASSIC MONOGRAM DESIGN.
  10. monogram
  11. I'd get the Mono!!
  12. I always think the first bag from LV should be a monogram Speedy cos it's classic! :biggrin:
  13. Mini Lin In Ebene!!!!!!!!!
  14. I like the monogram speedy!
    The mini lin just hasn't won me over yet.
  15. I have to monogram and totally recommend it! It matches with everything, looks dressy and casual and is totally durable! This bag completely rocks.