which speedy would u choose???

  1. as there are more and more patterns, colors and materials come in the speedy bag, if you can choose one only which style would it be?

    taking into the following considerations:

    1 - material durability
    2 - numbers of usage
    3 - lasting power
    4 - the 'X' factor

    mine for the meantime is the mini lin speedy, but how durable is the mini lin compare to canvas and epi ummmm........
  2. Try the Damier speedy!
  3. Go monogram speedy, you can't beat a classic. :yes:
  4. Epi, no weather worries, tough as nails, looks beautiful & gets pretier with age.
  5. I agree. I prefer the epi speedy. You can carry it in the rain, there is no patina (not that that is bad but I don't like a ton of patina), wipes clean and it's more understated.
  6. the Damier. it's the all-weather Speedy, and it goes with everything
  7. Mandrin Epi Speedy! :biggrin:
  8. based on durability and not having to worry about the bag i'd get a damier one.You wont have to worry about weather so therefore would use the bag more. Less worries about the patina/weather.
  9. i really want the epi mandrain speedy but i called LV and they do not have that anymore :sad:
  10. I snagged mine in Las Vegas & there are still a few out there. the 866# told you that there aren't any left? I think SCP has a 30.
  11. moka epi
  12. If you want one that will still look good in 10 years, I'd go for Damier or Epi.
  13. epi mandarin speedy. def.
  14. epi speedy! My #1 choice :lol:
  15. Damier for durability but mono has a special place in my :heart: !