Which Speedy To Get?????

  1. i need everyones opinion! i dont know which speedy to get the...the monogram canvas or the damier azur!! help!!!!:confused1: thanks!
  2. I'd say damier.. or damier azur, since it's on your mind!
  3. Damier azur! It'll make the perfect summer bag, and you can always get the mono later.
  4. I have the Epi one! It looks beautiful!
  5. i love the damier azur, so fresh and pretty!
  6. I would get the Mono if you want an all year long bag and the Azur if you're looking for a spring/summer bag.
  7. definitely azur....it's cuter....but still has a hint of classic (since it's speedy) ^_^
  8. Damier AZUR!!!! but i am partial...
  9. Mono! Everyone has to get a Mono speedy first!
  10. Kimmmy15 - i'm having the same problem! Right now I'm leaning towards Mono since its so classic...
  11. I would say get the damier azur since it's spring/summer and you can always get the mono later.
  12. My vote goes to Mono...it's so classic.
  13. I prefer the mono!
  14. I just got a new speedy 25 last week when we're in Vegas. I intended to get a damier speedy but when I saw the mono speedy, I know that it's love at first sight. :love: Choose when you're already in the store, it's easier that way. At least you get to see the bags and know which one suits you more. :smile: good luck. show us some pics too!
  15. Mono as your first...its a classic!