Which speedy to get?

  1. I want a few LE pieces for my collection.

    I sold my Cerises speedy and will always regret that move, so I'm dying for another one. I'm also wanting a graffiti speedy but can only do one this month and one next since they are usually over $1,000 each.

    I have the silver graffiti pochette and love it, but think the speedy would be more practical. I love the khaki and silver. Which do you like best??

    These are just example photos, I probably wont end up getting these exact bags that I borrowed photos of from authentic sellers, so I am just using them for a visual.

    Which would you buy first??

  2. I would go in order of 'hard to find'. If you can find a silver speedy that isn't beat up grab it quick!

    BTW Ann's Fabulous Finds has a great cerises speedy for only $1020!
  3. I am dying for that silver graffiti but I'd love to find one with lighter leather. The price on that one is just over $1,000. You think I'll be able to find one for that price with a little lighter vachetta or should I grab it??
    Let trade has that cerises in the photo with light vachetta for about the same price as Ann's. I'm so undecided!
  4. i have the Cerises Speedy and i love it. i'm not a fan of the Graffiti line. the Cerises is so much cuter
  5. i say buy back the cerises speedy :smile:.
  6. I would do the cerises vs graffiti.
  7. The graffiti that let-trade has is kind of beat up....there is a bunch of rubbing off of the letters...BUT that said, a mint silver graffiti speedy will typically cost upwards of $1500.
  8. I wasn't too pleased at the rubbing of the letters either, BUT I'm not that fond of the prices on eBay for the bags in mint condition. Thanks for the chime-in!
  9. I'm not a fan of the graffiti line either. I would get the Cerises again. I love that bag! So cute!!!
  10. cerises is soooooooo cute!!!!!
  11. not a big fan of the cerises, i just saw a khaki graffiti speedy the other day in zurich, and it was hot hot HOT!!!
  12. Khaki Green Graffiti Speedy, Cerises Speedy, then the Cerises Speedy.
  13. I notice that the Khaki Graffiti Speedy is more "hard to find" than the Silver one. IMO, Cerises Speedy is easier to get compare to those graffiti speedies. So, get the Khaki first! :yes:
  14. Cerises speedy!
  15. Get the silver graffiti!