Which speedy to get?

  1. Hi! I just got a BH but I'm still lemming for a speedy to add to my LV family. However, I'm trying to decide which speedy to get :-

    - Monogram canvas speedy?
    - Damier speedy?
    - Azur speedy?
    - Mini Lin speedy?
    - any other speedy?

    So far, I have a papillon, a lockit , a BH, a pochette accessories and a koala organizer all in monogram canvas and a long alma in monogram mini.

    Any suggestions would be welcome :smile:
  2. I'd go with either the Damier or the Azur Speedy :yes:
  3. Azur or Damier Speedy are my top choices for Speedy. love the freshness of Azur print, and the vachetta-worry-free Damier too!
    Epi Speedy will also be great choice. PS, Welcome to tPF!!!:yahoo:
  4. Since you just got a BH, I wouldn't get mono. My vote would go to the azur first, then regular damier.
  5. I love the Azur speedy 25
  6. Damier Speedy for sure...low maintenance and worry-free bag ;)
  7. Monogram speedy....
  8. I vote Azur first too! Damier's a close second, and I'm really loving the Mini Lin in the new Dune color!
  9. Azur or ML in Ebene

    LOL....but any Speedy is a Great Speedy!! :p :yes:
  10. I vote for either an azur or damier speedy.
  11. Damier speedy!
  12. I just got the Mini Lin todayt. I love how you can dress it up! I also have the Mono. Most people start out with the Mono.

  13. Damier speedy.
  14. Since you already have a lot of mono, why don't you add a splash of color. The damier is sooo pretty, and low maintenance. I also liek the Azur because teh color is just HOT! LOL! However most people get the mono for their first speedy. Good luck on deciding!
  15. Mini Lin (Dune) or Azur.