Which Speedy size might be best for me?


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Sep 17, 2006
hey girls...

cheers from zurich first...

yesterday my boyfriend took me to the LV store...because he wanted to buy me a christmas present but of course without me by his side he could never have made a (or the best) choice....

so my choice was a new wallet...
as I am a bit sick of the monogram, becauses everybody here in this city has it...i chose a damier...

the damier koala wallet....:love:

so now, as i do really like the speedy...i decided to somewhen buy me speedy in DAMIER....
but I don't know which size would fit me best? you expert do really know about the different sizes, not? I am 175cm ( sorry i don't know in inches)...which size do you recommend for me?

THANKS for your help!
thank you girls...
i do like to use it for everyday, so you're right a bigger one might be better...

:smile: cheers from switzerland...
I'm going to Miami in march :smile: any (handbag)shoppingtipps for me there?:wlae:
As you're 5'10", unless you're very slightly built, I think you'd look best with the largest size. :yes:

BTW, to convert from cm to inches, you divide by 2.5 and then, to convert into feet, you divide (again) by 12.

You then have to remember that the remainder (in this case .8333) is in tenths, not twelths (like the number of inches in a foot). So, you then multiply it by 12 to find the number of inches.

With height, the easiest way, is to remember that 150cm = 5' and 180cm = 6' and every inch = 2.5cm.

So, you are 180cm - 5cm = 175cm; which is the same as 6' - 2" = 5'10".

Sounds more complicated than it is! :lol:
i hate maths, but thank you anyway, i try to learn it :smile:

35 is the biggest, no?
does an A4 paper go into the 30?

Maths isn't my favourite subject, either! :yucky:

I'm not an LV expert at all, but I assume the 35 is 35cm long and as A4 paper is just under 30cm long (about 29.7cm), I think it would fit well. :yes: Again, I don't know for sure, but I think the 30 may be cutting it too fine; even assuming it is measured internally, you would only have 3mm to spare!

If you go and ask in the LV forum, you will probably get more expert answers. :biggrin:
you're right...as my birthday takes place soon i make a wish for a speedy :smile:

now, my mates just left...they cannot understand why I like LV..they say it's an old women bag....

do you think a 23year old is too young to carry an LV bag?
Try both sizes on ...but I think it depends on what you need to carry. I do like the 25 in the damier and in the monogram both the 25 and 30 look great (just my opinion though).