Which Speedy size is equal to a Mullbury bayswater and a medium Gucci Sukey?

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  1. I have always felt like I love smaller bags. But I have a few of them and they do not work for me. When I use my Bayswater and my Sukey I feel like that the perfect size.

    But - which speedy size is that equal to? A 30 or 35?

    Typically the measurements of the others I like are 13/14 x 9/10 inches. The depth is usually 3-5 inches.

  2. i have a bayswater & a speedy b 30. imo, the capacity is similar. hth ;)
  3. Sukey and bayswater is equivalent to a speedy 30.
  4. Really? Interesting to know. I would have better the 35 was closer in size. Lol. Is it because of the diameter?
  5. Any other thoughts? ️