Which Speedy Should I Get If I Can Only Have One?

  1. I'm trying to decide on my first Speedy. I'm usually a shoulder bag sorta gal so I only want one Speedy (well, at least for now).
    • Dentelle Speedy in Gold - I loved the pictures of it but haven't seen it IRL but hear it's TDF from you ladies. But the monogram is soooo common...not sure if the lace makes it look different enough that I won't be carrying just another mono LV like everyone else.
    • Damier Speedy - I love the way it looks on people-- very classy. However, it's still pretty common.
    • Azur Speedy - Seems like every LOVES the Azur. I'm not sure why. I saw it on someone but wasn't blown away. I can see it as a great summer bag tho, and a great winter one once the patina develops a bit more.
    What do you think??? Help!
    Dentelle Speedy 30.jpg Damier Speedy 30.jpg Azur Speedy 30.jpg
  2. I love my Azur, but maybe Damier is the one for you! I don't really like Dentelle speedy.
  3. Go for the Azur.
  4. I agree, go Azur!
  5. Azur...lovely!
  6. Azur :heart:
  7. What a great bag the speedy is. It was my first LV too -- monogram canvas.

    Personally, of the three you have chosen, I liked Damier first, Azur, and Dentelle in that order. Azur looks more spring/summer to me, and I would carry the Damier all year. I have never seen the Dentelle in person, so I'm not sure if I really like it or if it is just *interesting*. Sometimes I think I like something, but after thinking about a while, I realize it was just something that caught my eye and not somthing I really like. Hope that makes sense.
  8. If the azur doesn't blow you away, then I'd get the damier. The dentelle is pretty but I am soooo worried about the lace fraying over time!
  9. Damier! I have it and love it so much, I still haven't gotten over how great it is! It goes with everything, summer and winter. It can be rained on! It is so classy and nice.
  10. Damier - I think it will be better in the long run if you plan to use it a lot:smile:
  11. If you plan to use it as your daily "go to bag," then damier. But azur is so fresh!
  12. I'd get an Azur Speedy.
  13. to start off id go with damier. the dentelle is so hot IRL though. my jaw dropped when i saw it in silver.
  14. I would get the Azur Speedy. I love how the color of the canvas is so soft and sweet looking. It would be so perfect the summer. :yes:
  15. Defiinitely Damier.

    It's so understated and looks great with almost everything!