which speedy should i choose?

  1. Hello
    I would like to buy an speedy. I was sure to buy the monogram but now I'm not sure anymore.. because i have two bags in the same look ( mini hl and bucket) so i think it would be boring to buy an speedy in the same look. so I have to decide me between these three speedys.
    i need your help and your opinion hopefully with reasons:idea:

    asset_upload_file376_32660.jpg damierazur1.jpg vlb.jpg
  2. I vote for the Damier Azur !
  3. Azur..that is gonna be my next purchase.
  4. Regular Damier! I have one and I LOVE it!!! It looks so great and it is weather-proof- don't have to worry in the rain!
  5. which one have you? azur or ebene?
  6. Azur :yes:
  7. It depends on what you want but heres a rundown on the three:

    I'd pick azur even though its not the most practical for the following reasons: I think its the cutest print for the speedy. It's not as common so not everyone and their mother and cousin and distant friend has one. It doesnt announce LV so I feel much more inclined to carry it which means I'll use it A LOT more and thus more "worth it." i think in this print, it almost lookg like a speedy 27 which is perfect for me. Its great for summer.

    The damier I think is the most practical since its very very very durable in that it will stay LOOKING new. It really will last you much longer superficially than the mono or azur because of the absence of vachetta. You can throw it around everyday and it'll still be new looking. personally, though, I dont really like the look of this line and its hasnt grown on me like hte azur did.

    The mono is classic. You know it will NEVER go out of style. Audrey Hephburn had one. Its classic and works well year-round and matches everything.
  8. I'd go w/ the regular Damier Speedy 30
  9. Damier because its so care free
  10. azur
  11. Azur!
  12. I'm actually trying to decide the same thing :shrugs:. But it's only between Monogram and Azur for me. I like the Azur a lot but I can't decide if it's too trendy. Although I guess the Monogram will be around until the end of time if I decide I need (:graucho:) it, too, down the road.

    I'm kind of torn...
  13. Azur!
  14. I would get the azur. It's a summer bag. Then you have an excuse for getting a new darker one by autumn. :graucho:
  15. he he he...I guess I was just looking for some enablers :p

    I was trying to picture the Azur once the leather darkens. Has anyone seen one that's changed? Does it look ok?

    Also now I'm starting to eye the Epi, but it's sooooo much more expensive...