which Speedy should I Buy?


Which Do you Like better?

  1. Minb lin speedy 30

  2. Mono speedy 30

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  1. which should I purchase?
  2. i think you should get the mini lin!
    1. because its new
    2. you won't have to worry about patina and water marks
    3. because you won't see 10 other ppl carrying your bag on a daily basis! :P
  3. wait a month get the Damier Azure
  4. I like the original mono speedy much more.
  5. Monogram, because you won't have to worry about it snagging. Who cares if anyone else has it, it's about what makes you happy!!!
  6. what about the damier speedy? i bought one yesterday and it's really nice.
  7. in this case i'd choose the Mini Lin Speedy, only because i think the Monogram is too common and overrated now. and have you considered the Damier Speedy? it's so much easier to care for, and you don't have to worry about getting it dirty.
  8. I also voted for the mono. (lol - I almost bought one today!)

    At first I thought about the mini lin speedy for the reasons of no worries about patina, new now, more unique - but when I saw it - I thought it was too "collapsable" and it worried me that the exterior of the bag could pill or snag!

    The mono is classic and the coated canvas will last and last and last!!
  9. I agree with Jadecee on the Mini Lin - too flimsy IMO. But then I also agree with Sandra on the Mono being too overrated - but it's still a classic piece. I actually would rather buy the Damier Speedy.
  10. what about damier or damier azur??
  11. The Mini Lin is cute, but the bag doesn't look as durable as the mono speedy.
  12. I love my Mono Speedy so I vote for that one. :yes: It's just such a classic.
  13. Mono will always be around, Mini Lin may or may not so I say get the ML & it has the added bonus of no vachetta with winter just around the corner.
  14. I voted Mono Speedy.

    :biguns: I feel Mono Speedy is better in terms of material (no pilling! or furring!) and also because the Mono Speedy will look better with age. :yes:

    If in doubt, buy both! :wlae:
  15. sorry!! but i vote for neither! please get the damier speedy!!!