Which speedy(s) to get ?

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  1. Ok this is kind of a long question ...i really like the mono and damier speedys in 25 ANd 30 and i will be getting 2 speedys so should i get mono 25 and damier 30 or mono 30 and damier 25 ??? and which one first ??

  2. I say get the mono 25 and the Damier 30 and get the Damier first
  3. hmm I actually say get the damier 25 and mono 30 lol.. idk in my mind it seems a better fit, I would get the damier first lol
  4. those are the size i was thinking but i dont know which one to get first i love them both:love:!
  5. I say get the 30 for the damier because it seems to keep its shape..I know its hard though..why do they have to be only a $25 price difference!!?
  6. I say get the damier 25 first. It's so adorable!! I have the mono 30 too, but i use my 25 more because it's too cute :smile:
  7. Exactly what I would do too. Well I don't know where you're located, but it's basically pretty much winter time soon so the Damier will be much more versatile in bad weather so you can use it more.
  8. i agree with lv_addicted and jadecee. damier 30 first and then mono 25. Plus i like the damier brown handles more for the chocolatey color in the winter. Im probably also biased because im getting the damier 30 too haha. Good luck on your decision! :biggrin:
  9. Get the 30 in whichever print you like better.
  10. thanks guys im pretty sure im gonna get damier 30 and mono 25 now but still not sure on which order because i live in montreal and winter is just like cold weather its more like snowyyy all the time so ill take it out some but not too much you know? but we will see!
  11. Since it's snowy start with the Damier first.
  12. Can I say Damier 30 and Mono 30?


    Ok, tough one. I really prefer size 30 in whatever print. But if I had to choose...

    Damier 30 and Mono 25.
  13. How did you make the decision to get two Speedys? Maybe get one and then try another style...a thought anyway.
  14. damier 25, mono 30 (:

    and either one would make a greatttt first speedy *even though i always think the first lv bag should be a speedy in mono*
  15. Well, since my first LV was a mono speedy, I say that one first :biggrin: And then followed by the damier print. Or you could totally work the darker colors of the damier for winter, too! Either way its a win-win situation!