Which speedy(s) for 2007?


Which speedies should I get???

  1. Mono and Damier

  2. Mono and Mini Lin Dune

  3. Mini Lin Dune and Damier

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So im planning on getting 2 speedies for 2007 ...but im not sure which ones:p I love them all so please vote and dont worry about the sizes because i dont know if i want 25 or 30! TIA:smile:
  2. I vote for mono and mini lin dune... (no Azur?)
  3. I voted Mini Lin in Dune & Damier! The Mini Lin cuz the color's great for Summer, and Damier cuz it's so easy to maintain!
  4. Voted for Mono and damier as Mini Lin in Dune will be soooo hard to maintain:s .....what about Azur...if you want a lighter colored bag...
  5. I voted mono/damier- I shudder to think what a dune speedy will look like after using it for a few months :push:
  6. I vote for monogram and azur!
  7. I voted for the mono and damier speedys. The mono is so classic and the damier is really low maintenance.
  8. mono 25 and damier 30
  9. I voted Mono + Damier just because I am not that big a fan of the Mini Lin. ;)
  10. As pretty as the Mini Lin Dune is, it's really susceptible to dirt. The bucket they had in the store one day already had dirt on it...so I'm thinking the Speedy will be even worse since it's material all the way around. The bottom will get pretty dirty.
  11. mono and damier vote here!
  12. Mono and Azur. I find them both incredibly beautiful!
  13. My vote went for the Mono and Damier :yes:
  14. I vote for mono and damier...two classics.
  15. mono and damier for sure... but maybe azurif you like that!