Which Speedy? Monogram? Mini Lin? Damier Azur? any other suggestions welcome...

  1. Hi, I've never been interested in LV bags before up until recently that I picked up my sister's monogram speedy and I fell in love with it!! Problem is... I've always been skeptical about the Monogram - NOT that it doesn't look good, just that there are so many fakes out there that I think you need a certain look to pull it off.

    I like the shape of the speedy but I'm not sure which one to get?!?? I'm 25 and I work for a rather conservative firm - I'd like to use my speedy as my everyday bag that I can use for work and play. What do you think looks best with suits AND casual wear?

    What do people think?

    My favorite still is the monogram ... but the Monogram mini lin croisette also looks so yummy! :love:
  2. personally;
    1. damier ebony speedy 30
    2. monogram speedy 30
    3. damier azur speedy 30
    4. mini lin speedy
  3. My vote is for the Mini Lin.

    No Vachetta to worry about. You still get the LV logo. And not everyone has one.

  4. Since you work in a conservative firm, I say the damier ebene speedy would be my first choice, then mini lin, then mono. You can never go wrong with any speedy imo. Good luck.
  5. Since you are concerned about having a bag appropriate for work, you may want the DAMIER EBENE style since it is very understated and will not SCREAM LV. However, I'm the kind of person that thinks we should follow our hearts and it seems like your heart is saying MONOGRAM. By the way, I have Monogram Speedy 25 and if I didn't work in a department store where I have to shove my bags in a small locker, I would bring this bag to a professional job. It's chic!

    And Beljwl: Everytime I see that picture with your dog, I just wanna grab it and flap his ears around!!! Sooooo cute.
  6. I suggest the damier ebene, great for work - not loaded with LV monogram, and very durable.
  7. I've got the Monogram Speedy 30 and have used it every day since buying it for work (in a legal firm) and going out in the evenings, etc. I think it's just the right size for me and I love it so much! Next on my list is the Damier Speedy 30 but I've got to wait until after Christmas :sad:
  8. I would say Mini Lin--- alittle more understated than the regular mono but you still get the logo. Or the Damier Azur is also gorgeous. However, if you really like the Mono 30, go for it -- I just thought you seemed aprehensive about using it and needing a "certain" look -- but I think anyone can pull it off if they love it !!
  9. go for the mini lin or damier ebene!
  10. Mini Lin looks classy and Also looks so pretty but more casual with the color.
  11. damier for work and azur for play!
  12. IMHO, I would go for either the Damier Ebene or Mini Lin speedy as both are dark colors and would work well with both suits and casual outfits. The mini lin croisette though is lovely, but I myself am a bit hesitant to get a light colored bag like that or the Damier Azur. :smile: Good luck and let us know what you finally purchase! :smile:
  13. My suggestions would be in this order, since you're trying to be subtle
    1. Black Epi
    2. Damier Ebone
    3. Mini Lin Ebone
    4. Damier Azur
    5. LV Monogram

    But personally the Damier Ebone is my favorite out of them all. Let us know what you decide!
  14. Damier ebene is perfect for work-- doesn't scream "LV", either!

    And it's practical, and can go for the weekend, too.
  15. Just stick with mono!