which speedy .. help!

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  1. ok so i am going away to miami for a week. i was thinking of getting a new speedy , i figured it was a nice bag to use for shooping , walking around, etc. My dilemna is that I do not know which one to get. I have a black epi speedy 25 at home , i do not love it anymore b/c I feel it is too small for me ( i'm a thick girl.. :yes:). So I called the LV store they have the following :
    • epi 30 : red and black
    • mini lin 30 : brown and black
    • Monogram 30
    • forgot to ask about the damier .. have to call back.
    What do u think , which is more verstile? I'm going to be wearing capris , linen skirts , nothing too fancy. Help me .. i have no idea what to do ! :cursing:
  2. i would go for the monogram or the damier. the mini lin isn't coated, as i've been told, so it will get dirty fast, especially when you're shopping etc. also, the monogram is a greattttttttt classic that i will always love. if you want to be different, damier is still a classic and also a great choice :smile: post modelling pics when you get the bag!!
  3. Since you already have an epi -- I know you don't like it as much anymore, but still, I would go for a monogram one or the mini lin! I have the mono speedy 30 and love it -- I feel it goes with just about everything except REAL dressy outfits. Have fun deciding!!
  4. and the funny thing is i'm deciding between either mono or damier speedy 30 too! haha what a dilemma!
  5. I think the mono is the most versatile.
  6. I vote for the Mini Monogram.
  7. Mono - a classic bag and a mono speedy 30 is a must-have in any collection, IMO.
  8. I thought of Azur for Miami, capris, linen... :beach:
    Hope you find a perfect speedy and enjoy your vacation!!
  9. oh but wait .. i want the berkeley , you just wanted reminded me ( your avatar). it is similar to the speedy .. oh what do i do!! :sad:
  10. Mono or azur.
  11. Go for the epi in black!!!
  12. Do Mono! You already have an Epi (which is so classic and gorgeous) but you should mix it up a little! You can't go wrong with Mono.
  13. I love:heart: my MONOGRAM 30 - so I vote for that all the way :biggrin:!!
  14. I say mono speedy 30
  15. I totally say the Mini Lin. The reason I LOVE the Mini Lin is because you still get the LV monogram and it has dark handles. No Vachetta worries. It is lighter to carry. Does not show dirt. [​IMG]