which speedy for everyyyday use?

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  1. it has to be around the speedy price though. so the azure speedy 30 or the ebone speedy 30? which would you get less sick of if you wore it everyday? lol i like both and i can only have one, cant decide. i dont have any lv bags yet and i only plan on buying one, which is the speedy because of the price tag.
  2. Damier Ebene! I like the low maintenance aspect :tup:
  3. Damier Ebene for everyday use!
  4. I agree, get the Ebene for everyday use ;)
  5. damier ebene , no need to worrying about the color transfering.....
  6. ebene for your first!
  7. IMHO, I think mono 30 should be your first choice and then the Azur :cloud9:
  8. Ebene
  9. Ebene or how about the monogram?
  10. Mono should be your first.:balloon::balloon::balloon:...
  11. Ebene! I love both but Ebene for everyday! GL!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  12. Ebene :smile:
  13. Please do a search as there are lots of existing threads on this that you can read and post in. Good luck!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.