Which Speedy for a tall girl?

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  1. Hi All,
    First time thread starter here! I am in the market for a Speedy, and always figured I would end up with the 30 because of my Height. I am 5'9 145lbs, and figured the speedy 25 would be too small. However, I recently tried on my friend's 30 and, It might just be the angle of the subsequent picture, but I found it looked big. I don't carry much, and I normally prefer small crossbody bags, I just don't want to look Iike I'm carrying a toy. I don't live near an LV store so I can only go by pictures! If any tall girls have advice or pics, I'd be grateful!
    Merry Christmas!
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  2. 30 is the most ideal size imo
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  3. I’m a little over 5’8 and I have a Speedy B 25 and a regular Speedy 30. I love both of them and think they both look great with my body frame. I think the Speedy B is better in the 25 size for a crossbody or shoulder bag, but for a hand carry bag I think the Speedy 30 is better proportionally.
  4. Hello! I'm 5'11" and about 150, and I have the Speedy B 30..... I feel it's perfect!
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  5. 30 bandolier
  6. I'm 5'11" 140 lbs. and love my Speedy B 25 Empriente. I wear it crossbody and it's perfect!
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  7. I am on the tall side and since you thought the 30 was too large - I would get the 25 - the 25 is not really that small - the only reason I did not get it is because the small opening would drive me nuts.
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  8. Are you interested in mono canvas or leather?
    The speedy 25 in canvas is too small for me. Yet in leathers, I find the 25 perfect! The leather versions are slightly larger with a bigger opening.
    I personally think when time permits, you should definitely go and try them on. That is the only way for you to truly make the best decision for you!
  9. I’m a 5’11 gal and my Speedy Ban 30 is the perfect size. I was also torn. The 25 is cute but looked ridiculous on me :tdown:
  10. Thanks for the replies! I'm leaning more toward the 25. I have a vintage chanel mini that I've never considered too small, and I only ever wear or purchase small bags, so I think I would find the 30 too large. If Audrey Hepburn can rock a speedy 25 at 5'9 so can I, right???
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  11. I know, no point in spending all that cash on something you don't wear!!!
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  12. Speedy 35 or 40
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  13. Well, of course it comes down to personal preference. I’m 5’7” and chose the 30, but I tried the 35 too. The 35 seemed too big for me. It just depends on what you want to carry on a regular basis. I think the 30 is a more popular size but the 25 has a big following too. Good luck deciding!!!!
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  14. If you are a small bag girl go for the 25. I made the mistake of getting the 30 when I thought it looked a bit too big. I thought I would get used to it but I never did and I only used it twice before I sold it a few years later.

    It sounds to me as if you are the same. I also prefer smaller bags and I don’t carry much. The Speedy 30 felt huge to me in terms of what I carry as well.
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  15. I am 180cm, 60kg. I have speedy B 30 and 35! I prefer 35 B! I think the size fits my height. That’s also why I love big bags!!