Which Speedy - Damier, Azur or Mini Lin Ebene?


Which Speedy?

  1. Damier Ebene

  2. Damier Azur

  3. Mini Lin Ebene

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  1. Please help with my agonizing decision. I already have a mono speedy 30 and I am considering another speedy (I would love the Palermo PM but don't want to spend so much right now).

    Which Speedy would you buy, Damier, Azur or Mini Lin? I have never seen anyone wearing the Mini Lin Ebene in person so I dont' know if I would like it. I have traditionally NOT been a Damier fan but it is growing on me (I think).

  2. I vote Azur cuz I LOVE mine, even in the winter!
  3. Get an Azur for contrast, and for the upcoming spring!! That way you have two really different but versatile Speedies.
  4. I would say Azur.. perfect for s/s !
  5. I have all three of them, but I would probably say the azur for spring.
  6. I voted for the Azur! It's the bag that's most different compared to your mono speedy, so you should get that one first! + it will look great for summer!
    I'm thinking of getting an Azur aswell, so I'm a bit subjective :p
  7. I have the Mono and the Mini Lin.

    I just love the Mini Lin because I think it's
    1- Very classy
    2- Easy to maintain/all weather bag.
    3- No vachette to worry about.
    4- Not very common

    My second pick would be the Damier Azur, nice color and great for warmer weather but lately I'm not a big fan of vachette...
  8. Also have you considered the Mini Lin Dune?
    I guess I'm a Mini Lin lover :smile:
  9. Definitely azur for spring :yes:
  10. Thanks for the votes so far!
  11. Go for the Azur!
  12. I get the azur first then the ebony... so cute..
  13. Damier Azur since you already have a brown Speedy [Mono].
  14. i have the azur and mini lin...but the azur is the prettiest!
  15. I love the Damier Azur but I would be concerned about color rubbing off on it so I went with the ebene.