Which Speedy 30?

  1. De!
  2. thanks everyone for your input...I do love the DE particularly how the inside is red. ok, I'm close in my purse fund to get it for my bday!
  3. get de
  4. If you already have the bag in mono then I'd definitely get the DE version. Don't you think having two different speedys in the same pattern a bit unreasonable? ;)
  5. Damier Ebene in the 30
  6. Get the speedy in mono, that way you have both!
  7. I have a 30 & 35 , both in Mono.
  8. I would say DE!
  9. De!!!
  10. Get what you LOVE!
  11. De!
  12. De
  13. I have a mono 35, would like get De for my next. :heart:
  14. +1!
  15. +1