Which Speedy 25?

  1. I want to get a speedy 25, but I am having a hard time deciding on which one to get -- the classic monogram or the Damier Azur. This would be my first speedy.

    The pros of the mono seem to be that: it goes with my other LV stuff, it's a classic, it can be worn more "year round."

    The cons seem to be that: it's very common, and the monogram really screams LV, which is something I am not totally used to for whatever reason.

    As far as the Damier Azur, I would say the pros are that: it is new, unusual, and not so "branded." More springy than my brown Damier bag.

    Cons: Light color more prone to wear, less versatile, and may cost more due to price increase. And nothing I have matches it, except maybe my white multicolore wallet?

    I am really stuck! :s
  2. Mongram Canvas!!
  3. i'll go with none of the above and say get the regular Damier instead. it's so much more classic than the Azur and less common than the Monogram
  4. I am hesitant to do that only because I already have a Saleya PM. Also I must say I am concerned about the color transfer issues I have heard about!
  5. Hmm it is a tough one I have the mono speedy 25 and love it but I am also buyin the azur speedy 30 next week..hmm how about u buy the mono speedy 25 b4 the increase and get the azur next year since its perm
  6. Ha. Both! Who knows, maybe I will. After all, I wouldn't really want to wear it until spring/summer anyway... is anyone else waiting for that reason?

    Another question for speedy 25 owners -- do you ever find that the bag is difficult to get into/out of? Did it loosen up a bit once it was broken in?
  7. Hmm in my opinion I wish I had bought the mono 30 easier to go in and out I regret it
  8. I am only 5'1", so getting the 30 is kind of out of the question for me. Just my preference.
  9. I agree the Damier is wonderful. Can be casual or dressy, works year around, low maintenance... :love:

    My concern about the Damier Azur is what the bag will look like when it has a really dark patina (and possibly a dirty patina). Don't get me wrong I think it's a really nice bag, but in a year or so it may be :yucky: what with every little mark showing. I view it as a one summer only bag.
  10. Haha I'm 5ft 2 I just like the bigger saggy look on the speedy let me know what u decide!!! Good luck
  11. Get the mono now...
    wait a while before you get the azur...
    so you'd know how it looks like with patina.
  12. Damier Azur speedy is going to be my first! I know wayyy too many people with the monogram speedy. I guess I just want to go with something different.

    Good luck with your decision! :biggrin:
  13. def get the mono speedy (i have the 30 and i still love it to death even though it's been months!) it was my first lv and i think i made a good choice.

    to me, it really doesn't matter that tons of other people have it. when ya know that your bag is real, and it's your OWN, that's all that matters (: the azur, you REALLY should see it in person before you decide!

    otherwise, the reg daimer speedy is a hot hot bag!
  14. I was also planning on getting my first speedy when the azur comes out.
  15. I think you can definitely wait and see...afterall u did say u dun plan to wear her till spring/summer. See how the patina works out on the azur first and then maybe u'll get a better idea of how it'll work on u. Unless of course you want to beat the price hike and get the mono or reg damier first, then u'll have another choice to make in any case?!?! LOL, any LV choice is a good choice...