Which SPEEDY 25?

  1. Azur or Mono?
  2. Azur!
  3. my vote is totally for the Azur
  4. Azur.
  5. Monogram first, then Azur:yes:
  6. azur all the way !! :yes: :heart:
  7. ITA
  8. Azur! It's my one and only Speedy, never regret not getting the mono :yes:
  9. mono
  10. azur!
  11. If you are getting it right away then go for the azur as it will be great for the summer!
  12. Both! I can't pick! I think azur is great for summer, but mono if you are looking for more year round.
  13. Azur!!~
  14. Mono, then Azur. Every LV collection should include a mono speedy, IMO.
  15. MONO!