Which sort of POCHETTE do you use to protect ID papers, money... in an open bag ?

  1. Bonjour, I'm planning to buy th BH which is an open bag (no zip). In a thread a PF member said that with this sort of bag it's better to have something where you can put important things inside. I would like to know what you use for. Merci.
  2. Hmm I'd go for the full-size pochette accessoires and that way you can fit your wallet and cell in there.
  3. I use my black epi pochette in any black bag, open or closed, to keep my wallet/cell/keys. They are all in one place and I can just bring my pochette as a small handbag if I want to go for an errand and leave my bigger bag somewhere. Its also good at work, where I leave my briefcase/work bag at my desk but bring the pochette with me at all times. And in an open bag, you can fasten the pochette strap to the d-ring so that it doesn't fall out/get easily stolen.
  4. I have a french purse Wallet, I'm not sure I can put it in the pochette accessoires with some other stuffs like keys, ID papers... perhaps I should have to think about something bigger.
  5. I just saw on the LV french site the POCHETTE PLATE ANTIGUA GM. No bad, no expensive, and the brown color fits well with canvas.
  6. I use a full size pochette accessory.
  7. i use the pochette tikal. it holds my checkbook, money, & cards.
  8. I vote for the pochette accessoires. They are amazing and hold way more than you'd think!
  9. I use a mono pochette accessoires as well! I put my makeup and other personal items in it, and toss it into the open totes. My ID and money is all kept in my wallet, which is separate, but my wallet is thin enough to fit in my pochette if I just want a small bag to go too.
  10. I agree with using the pochette accessoires.
  11. I use the pochette acessories, clips on great to the d-ring and it makes it more organized and of course, harder to steal just a wallet from the BH !