Which soia & Kyo jacket do you like better?

  1. [​IMG] or


    thoughts? should i get the xs or s? i'm usually a size 0 but i don't know if the xs will be too snug if i wear a sweater underneath? many thanks
  2. don't know anything about their sizing but I love the grey one, I think you'll get a lot more wear out of it.

    (and without knowing anything, I'd say go for the XS, coats seem to be always be cut largely)
  3. The first one! I was eyeing it on revolve..the cherry color is specially delicious! The second one is cute but is just not practical for me since it's 3/4 sleeved.

    I needed a cute and warm jacket so I bought this one yesterday with my 100 off 200 revolve coupon: http://www.revolveclothing.com/beta/Product.jsp?code=SOIA-WO31&c=Soia+%26+Kyo

    As for sizing, I am the same size as you and was also debating between xs and s. I ended up getting the jacket in S since I heard soia & kyo jackets run snug in the shoulder and I want more room for wearing a sweater underneath in the winter.

    You should get the cherry one though!! It's so beautiful and you will look stunning:yes:
  4. thanks mundodabolsa and sweetbee!

    sweetbee: how do you go about getting the coupon from revolve?
  5. Love the red one but the one sweetbee got is awfully cute too. The coupon was mailed randomly to previous customers. I wasn't one of the lucky ones.
  6. The grey one!
  7. the grey one - love the collar
  8. thanks ladies, i think i am going with the gray!
  9. I agree, I think the gray is better. I think that for the red one, since it has the belt, the large buttons, and the shawl collar, it would make the body look wider, but because the gray jacket has a higher neckline has the shorter sleeves, it draws the eye upwards and looks less heavy.
  10. I love the style on the second one, but the colour on the first one. Now if only they made the grey one in red, I'd buy it myself!! No advice on the sizing though, I've never bought anything from that brand.

  11. that's exactly how i feel. i really like the cherry color, but it didn't come in that color, only the gray or black and i have tons of black jackets.
  12. gray :smile:
  13. I like the first one!