Which sneakers?

  1. Marc by marc jacobs or classic converse
    4974-276488-p.jpg 3034-15650-p.jpg
  2. Marc by Marc Jacobs - much cuter!
  3. classic converse
  4. I usually love all Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes, but in this case, I think I'm going to have to vote for classic Converse
  5. classic converse
  6. another vote for the converse
  7. Classic!!! I have the high tops and I love them.
  8. Marc Jacobs are cuter, IMO.
  9. converse!:lol:
  10. It's called "classic" converse for a reason. Get those. They will be just as fashionable in twenty years as they are today, and as they were twenty years ago, and twenty years before that.
  11. i prefer converse.
  12. classic cons,love, classic cons:love:
  13. converse
  14. converse
  15. I prefer the Marc Jacobs.