Which small tote bag do you prefer?


Which do you like the best?

  1. Khaki Lvoe tote

  2. Batignolles regular

  3. Neverfull PM

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Khaki LVoe Tote PM:
    Pros- limited, cute, the cheapest of the 3
    Con - My aunt and uncle say that the colour looks too "military" on me and can imagine me wearing it with combat boots. :wacko: I don't want to get the ecru though cuz I'm afraid it'll get dirty easily.

    Batignolles regular:
    Pros- very cute, probably more structured than the LVoe tote.
    Con: Someone mentioned the gaping of the side straps :confused1:, the most expensive of the 3

    Neverfull PM
    Pro- Can probably put over shoulder
    Con -those drawstrings would drive me crazy when they slide down

    Anyone know which one of these bags holds the most? TIA!
  2. I'd go with the Batignolles or Neverfull PM.
  3. I have the khaki Love 2 tote pm and the neverfull pm. I would have to say the neverfull holds more the the khaki love tote. I voted for the love 2 tote.

    I am able to put the love tote on my shoulder. And the side strings on my neverfull don't slide down.
  4. Batignolles....for sure. Tho, i don't own one..
  5. I vote for the Batignolles
  6. Does it hold more even when its cinched? TIA!

    Just curious, what makes you prefer the love 2 tote?
  7. i like the Neverfull best!
  8. Being big-boned, I can't fit the love tote pm on my shoulder...do you know the strap drop difference between the 2 bags?
  9. of the three, i like the Neverfull. it can be used as a shoulder or handheld bag
  10. I prefer the Khaki That's Love! tote. ;)
  11. neverfull gets my vote.
  12. I chose Batignolles
  13. I love the neverfull. Its a practical and attractive bag at a god price point. I have 2 the small and the large. I bought the large and use it when I am home and out for the day and need all my stuff. I am out of town on business and needed a small bag and the small neverfull just happened to fit the bill. I don't find the strings slide.
    Thw lovw tote is cute but I think the logo will scrtach easily.
    The other bag you suggested I don't like.
  14. Batignolles!!! it's a classic...
  15. Batignolles:tup: