Which small size dog to get?

  1. Does anyone have one? I think have finally convinced my fiancee to get a dog, we saw the cutest little long hair chihuahua the other day and he was like "Now that is a good sized dog"

    Yeay for me b/c what I wanted was more a smaller dog however I am worried that the Chihuahua might be too much of yapper, is that the case? He is a terrible sleeper and the absolute condition is no noise and nothing that might disturb his 'beauty sleep' Now the other thing is that, of course, I want a smart dog...

    Any comments or suggestions on another small sized doggie would be appreciated.

  2. I just brought home a sweet little yorkipoo yesterday. She's only going to be about 5 lbs max and is nonshedding and hypo allergenic. As to the noise...its hard to say at this point...she's only 9 weeks and adjusting to her crate....we cried most of the night...though she seems to be doing better in the crate this morning. She does whine however when she's wanting to be picked up and held. Only a little bit of barking so far..and mostly at my TMX elmo when she gets really wound up.
  3. I can recommend Toy Fox Terriers after having several. They're big dogs in little dog bodies. Mine haven't been yappy, but they will sound the alarm when a stranger is at the door or walks past the fence if they're outside (good watchdogs - and sound bigger than they are.)

    They run from 3.5 - 7 pounds on average. My smaller one is just over 4 pounds and is currently napping on my lap making it *interesting* to type. :greengrin:

    You can see his cute little self in my avatar. :heart:

    For any dog, beware of the evil puppymill sellers! They're more despicable than fake bag scammers. If you check the AKC and/or UKC websites you can get info on the reputable breeders (the ones who breed for the health of the breed). If you go with a shelter or rescue service then you want to check up on the dog's background if they know. Some of those dogs came from puppymills and may have some serious health issues that may or may not be a factor in your decision.

    Happy adopting! Dogs are the best!
  4. I have a Chihuahua (he's in my avatar). He weighs about 6lbs. He's a great dog! He sleeps the whole night & only gets up when I do, he stays by my side at all times (right now he's sleeping on my lap), very affectionate, gets along with other people unless they get too close to my face....like when my SO kisses me my Chi gets very jealous & starts growling at him..lol He would never bite though. As for the yapping, he only barks when he's outside & people tease him or when a stranger is at the door.
  5. Well if you look at my avatar, you will probably guess that I'll recommend a yorkie. :yes: They have super sweet personalities and don't shed.

  6. Shelbell, I'm in love! What a cute little girl!
  7. Thanks! I'm pretty in love myself! :heart::heart:

  8. OK, that is the cutest dog EVER!!!! I thought my Cooper was the cutest, but I don't know now.....

  9. I definately second that!! I love love yorkies :heart: mine are not yappers
  10. i want a yorkie so bad!!!
  11. i like mixed breeds i have 2 dogs a Maltese/Shih Tzu (Dooney) and I also have a Maltese/Yorkie (Milo) I love them both...Dooney is 3 years old now and weighs 6lbs Milo is only 4 months old and weighs 4lbs! They're both very calm...only bark when someone is at the door...and like any small dog they get antsy when people get too close to me...little dogs LOVE their owners and no one can have you but them...its like their #1 rule lol...but you'll love them I'm sure...here's a few pics





  12. I love my Shih Tzu, but I would not recommend Shih Tzus or Pugs if you want no noise at night because these breeds have a tendency to snore.:sleepy:
  13. I have female Pugs, but you have to want a dog who's whole world revolves around you, and be able to handle snoring and sneezing. They have the best personalities-my hubby was a large dog person until we got our Pugs, they have turned him into mush,lol. He loves how they just love wholeheartedly.
  14. Honestly some Chis are yappy and some aren't...its the individual personality of the dog, KWIM?

    For example, my female Chi is EXREMELY yappy, while my male Chi is much more laid back...yet they were raised the exact same.

    My advice would be to:

    1--check into local breed rescues in your area. They have some adorable and sweet dogs who would love to get a wonderful home like yours!

    2--if the dog you do get starts barking, squirt him/her with a squirt bottle...works like a charm! After a few squirts, the dog gets the hint :smile:

    Good luck!