Which Small Ring Agenda?

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  1. I'm about to start University so help me decide on which Small Ring Agenda.

    #1 - Damier Azur
    #2 - Suhali Black
    #3 - Vernis Pomme
    #4 - Vernis Framboise
    #5 - Multicoloure White

    I can't make a choice! :confused1:
  2. Vernis pomme is sooo cute!!:tup:
  3. I would get the black Suhali... :drool:
  4. Damier Azur:heart::heart:
  5. Either the white mc or damier azur.
  6. Vernis Framboise!!! I didn't think I would love it that much but I saw a girl purchased it online and wow, I completely fell in love!
  7. mmm hard decision, they're all so pretty! i would go with either the black suhali, because its classic and sleek, or damier azur, just because it is so pretty.
  8. I love Multicolor in white. But Damier Azur or Vernis Framboise would also be great.
  9. Vernis Pomme I love mine!
  10. I would go for either the Black Suhali (my personal favorite) or the Pomme Vernis.
  11. I would go with the Damier Azur. I am pretty harsh on my things and this is one of the few items that would probably stand up to what I would do to it.

    However, the Suhali sounds delicious!

    Vernis are gorgeous - but color transfer and scratches freak me out.

    MC White is another GORGEOUS piece but the whole rubbing/fading possibility would get to me.... plus having vachetta! :sweatdrop:
  12. Vernis framboise or Azur if you're worried about colour transfer.
  13. I think since your're ready to enter high speed schooling a medium would work better. in that case you'd have to get a suhali.
    but if you're stuck on the small i'd go for something with a little more wow...

    #2 - Suhali Black this will out last the bottom two, and will look nicer over time.
    #3 - Vernis Pomme this is just hot, the color is 2DF. It will also go with everything.
    #4 - Vernis Framboise This color is on it way out so in time is going to be hard to find. but so is the pomme. This is nice color or summer :smile:

  14. White MC or azur!!
  15. Pomme!