which small bag/hobo?? must get your opinions!

  1. Hi guys - I went on a huge hunt for the perfect balenciaga part-time with giant gold hardware. despite it being possibly one of the most gorgeous bags i've ever laid eyes on :graucho:, i realized today that there are a lot of times when i go out and only wish to carry some small stuff like my wallet, cell phone, mp3 player, etc., and......i feel pretty ridiculous hauling around a heavy large bag just for those small things :rolleyes:. i've been using an old beat-up purse for that purpose so far, but it's definitely time for an upgrade. :p

    which do you like better? LV damier papillon 30, balenciaga GGH hobo (i'm thinking white, sandstone or marine so far), or chanel black patent CC cambon bowler? THANKS!!! :nuts: PS. sorry, had to take pics from tpfers' lovely bags :drool:

    LV Damier Papillon 30

    Balenciaga GGH hobo

    Chanel Cambon Bowler
  2. The Papillon is my favorite, but they are all very different and would serve different purposes. The Papillon and Chanel are classier and the GGH is very casual, so I guess it depends which would serve you better.
  3. I like the Papillon. I don't care for the look of quilted bags, so am not very fond of the Chanel bag.
  4. I like the balenciaga!
  5. Me too! It was a tough choice :tup:
  6. The balenciaga - I have this style and it's amazing! It's incredibly comfortable to wear, good for day or night -- both practical and chic.
  7. me too,:tup:
  8. papillon gets my vote but i'm a lv fan so i'm biased!
  9. the balenciaga GGH in white or marine gets my vote
  10. Usually I will go for Balenciaga. But among those three, I will vote for Chanel Cambon Bowler. I own one, and it is amazingly made and comfortable to carry. Pricewise, they are quite different. I believe LV Papillon is the cheapest and Chanel Cambon is the most expensive among the three.
  11. The LV would probably be the most sturdy and durable for dashing around to do errands, but the Balenciaga is my personal favorite. The Chanel is gorgeous but - for my personal style - too dressy for everyday, casual use.
  12. I would go with the LV as well, especially for the few things you want to carry. Not that into hobos and not really into quilted either.
  13. the LV papillon is like $875, the balenciaga hobo is like $1245, and the chanel bowler is $1300 something i believe. the pricepoint of the papillon is tempting, but i want to pick the cutest one not the cheapest one :yes:

    which would you get??? what a tough choice guys!
  14. Balenciaga
  15. I vote for the Bal!