Which small bag do you use when traveling?

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  1. Hi ladies, i will be honeymooning in Spain/Portugal and would like to carry as little as possible when sightseeing. Which small crossbody bag would you recommend to bring? i'm thinking lambskin may be too delicate? WOC? square mini? thanks :smile:
  2. I use my black caviar rectangular mini for travel when I don't want to carry much. I prefer it to my WOC because it has a turn lock as opposed to a snap closure. Also, my WOC is lamb and I'd rather not chance it in an unexpected downpour. Enjoy your honeymoon!
  3. Square mini as I think more roomy for things you might need to take beside your wallet and phone.
    Spain and Portugal sounds amazing!! Enjoy your honeymoon!!!
  4. For me this really depends on the need for a brush and sunglasses, lol :smile: If I don't need sunnies or a brush then the WOC is perfect but if I do then it's gotta be the square mini :smile: Congrats on your wedding and hope you have a fabulous Honeymoon!!! I love Spain and think you may need those sunnies...
  5. Thank you all! My concern, though, is that my red mini and blue woc are both lambskin...which may be too delicate for travel. And I don't want to bring my black caviar woc bc I prefer some color when I'm on vacay (as opposed to my often all black outfits in NYC)
  6. I find the mini's strap a bit too short to be a crossbody. Are there two different lengths?
  7. The square mini strap is a little shorter than the rectangular mini.
  8. A WOC is perfect for sightseeing. You will likely be taking public transportation and WOCs are great for easy access to cash, tickets... Have fun in Portugal & Spain, its impossible not to love Southern Europe IMO.
  9. i use something big enough to carry a phone or camera and leave the chanels at home. the woc is useless for a camera and even for a phone + other things. you want to go small, but also be practical. what if you see a super cute souvenir and want to stick it in your bag? you can't do that w/a woc or mini or smaller bag. i'd opt for something other than a chanel. imo they just aren't meant to be a travel companion. i take an LV Bloomsbury, which works for all-weather and is spacious yet still smaller
  10. If you are going to some places that are fairly safe, Mini is a good option. Just be careful about carrying something conspicuous. A couple of years ago a tPFer was almost robbed of her Mini when she was in Vietnam.
  11. I know we are in Chanel...but I find that a camera bag is perfect for travel. I would love to find a vintage Chanel someday, but for now I use my Gucci Disco bag for travel; it is lightweight and the leather is indestructible and it holds my wallet, sunnies, lipgloss, lotion, tissue and there is room for more.
  12. Thanks! I love the look of the square mini but wish the strap was sightly longer. I keep passing up rectangular minis but maybe I need to give them a try.
  13. I'm using my Woc. My phone and sunnies fit fine.
  14. i don't have a WOC (never been much of a fan however, i am currently on the waitlist for the most perfect WOC i've seen) but have used a square mini when traveling --- my family whom i met up with whilst in Australia was amazed at alll the stuff i kept pulling out of my bag (like mary poppins :lol:)

    Mine is in lambskin, which is more durable than people will think -- but the strap is rather short for crossbody. ...i am only 5'4" but have a long torso

    however, now that the number of mini bags i have in my collection has expanded, i would say that the Saint Laurent sac de jour nano is a fantastic bag for traveling --- it fits ridiculous amounts of stuff and has the ability to be crossbody (and top handle if you wanted a more evening appropriate fancy bag)
  15. thank you all for your input. i think my woc may be enough as i don't carry a lot (and usually wear my sunglasses on my head anyway). i guess i was just looking for an excuse to buy the pink rectangular mini :smile:
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