Which SLG to get first?

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  1. I was close to getting a Chanel cardholder for my upcoming birthday but I've put off the mini pochette for too long and I don't want to regret not getting it ASAP. Now I'm torn, do I go for an LV cardholder or get the key pouch in DE and just put cards in there??
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    So have you already bought the mini P? If not, then just get that, it is the perfect accessory and immensely versatile.

    If you've already bought it, I'd get the key pouch because in comparison to a card holder, it has several more uses!
  3. I have both the mini pochette and cles (aka key pouch). I use the key pouch all the time, I can't even remember the last time I've used the mini pochette. I think i'd use it more if it didn't have the gold chain on it or at least had the option to remove it. I feel like it just gets hung up on stuff in my bag.
  4. I would get the LV clés and LV cardholder, and skip the mini pochette completely.
  5. I would get the key pouch, l use it to store cards in, l have 2. I love them xx
  6. key pouch gets my vote too. i barely touch my mini pochette bc my smart phone no longer fits in it.
  7. Key pouch. I use mine more than my mini pochette. I also wish the chain on the mini pochette was removable as it is annoying inside my bag. I only like it when I carry it on its own.

    I was using my key pouch on its own yesterday and today. I put ten cards inside of it and still had room for a few more probably. I attach my key fob to it and go. Love it! Like someone else said, you can use it in a lot of different ways too.
  8. Key pouch! They're so handy and can fit so much.
  9. I have two key cles and find them far more useful then a mini would be; just toss in my essential cards, attach to my keys, and out the door I go for the days when a purse and wallet is just too much hassle.
  10. Cles 100%. My favorite slg. It's so useful.
  11. I would get the key pouch first. You can use it for cards, keys, coins or grab and go wallet. I wouldn't get the card holder- I'd get the mini pochette next.
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  12. Key pouch! Really versatile piece.
  13. I'm loving my key pouch. It's mega useful.
  14. Thank you all for the advice! The key pouch will be great for cards and the mini pochette to carry my ipod, lip balm, etc. I hope to have a reveal soon.

  15. +1!