Which SLG? Help me pick

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  1. First is cement and the second is cameo nude.

    Pros and cons of both please I can't decide.

  2. I like Cement better. Looks like it might be the classic vs the new (Cameo).
  3. I'm new to mj. What's cameo?
  4. I prefer cement too :smile:
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  5. Cement
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  6. Cement, I love the classic hardware!
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  7. I kind of like the one on the right better, the nude?
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  8. I believe Cameo refers to the colour. The style of hardware is different on both, the Cement one has the original style hardware with the hexagonal bolts. The Cameo coloured one sports the most recent style of hardware which is more rounded and smooth.

    Which store did you come across these? I've been looking for them everywhere here in Toronto!
  9. I'm located in California :smile:
    There was also a black one

    I kinda like the cameo nude one bc the hardware wasn't as noticeable as the gold one
  10. I wish it were easier to find the classic MBMJ items here, I'd have gotten the cement and the black! Which one did you end up getting?
  11. I couldn't decide :sad:

    I loved how simple and easy maintenance the longchamp was (brown/green one) and how it fit all my keys..

    But I love the versatility of the Marc Jacob's key pouch- I favored the cameo nude one bc the hardware is minimalistic.

    If you want I can give you the number of my Nordstrom rack, I didn't realize they were hard to find... the leather is buttery, I loved that I could use it as a Keypouch or a make up bag (lipstick/chapstick)...

    There was also these I was debating with

  12. My favourite style is the classic in cement. I think the new nude has a different zipper pull without the hole ? I sometimes like to be able to attach my keypouch to my handbag with a lanyard by clipping it via the hole in the zipper pull. Just a thought on functionality.
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  13. I never thought of that! Yeah there was a huge hole on the zipper, I didn't even think to utilize that. I just may have to come back and see if they're still there
  14. I would've still gone with the MBMJ! Thanks for the offer girl, unfortunately I don't think they'd ship to Canada, I've tried before. I will try giving one of the Nordstrom's here a call though. Hopefully they're still there and you can get the one(s) you want!
  15. I actually own the Classic in Cement. It's one of my favorite SLGs...highly recommend it!