Which skincare treatments do you get done at a spa, doctor, or at home?

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  1. Just wanted to know how everybody keeps their skin beautiful and youthful.
    Please tell me what treatments you get done, where (spa, med spa, doctor, home?), and how often! If you want to include your age, that would be great so that we can identify which treatments are best for which age!
    I'm 27 years old (almost 28). I usually do microdermabrasion once every couple of months at a med spa and 'm thinking of getting a filler done for my laugh lines at a med spa. I have also done photo facials (twice before) and loved them so I will consider doing another laser treatment like this again soon.
    Your turn!!!
  2. I'm cheap I guess LOL. The only thing I'd get done at a spa are injectables or unless I came across a really good deal for a facial or other service.

    I've had professional treatments done in the past and have done everything myself at home from glycolics, peels, microdermabrasion, regular facials, deep treatment masks and even dermarolling and I can't usually ever tell a difference between results at home vs. leaving a med spa. It's certainly not as pampering but also much cheaper.
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  3. I'm 35 (nearly 36 eeek). I just do a basic skincare routine with tons of SPF and the odd facial. My skin is clear if I leave it alone. If I fiddle with it I am prone to breakouts.
    Friends of mine get botox and lasers. I live in a sunny place and I am very nervous of anything that could potentially increase photo aging like retinol products and lasers.
    At this stage botox doesnt interest me.
    I'm honestly happy with my face and looks, I have good gene's and I seem to be aging Ok.
    I also live in an area where there are a lot of older women who you can tell have done a lot to their faces with botox, fillers and surgery ect and it's made me realize that path is not for me but each to their own!!
    For me good spf, water, diet and not fiddling with my skin is my anti aging regime.
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  4. I'm 32.
    I mainly try to moisturize the heck out of my skin because I have dry skin. I put hyaluronic acid-type serums and use eye creams so that the skin stays soft and supple.
    I have noticed loss in volume in my skin, and some faint lines near my eyes due to laughing, but they only show up when I put on foundation too thick.
    Will definitely consider fillers when I am closer to 40. I have pretty good genes, and my 62 year old mom looks 42 at most. She never got botox or anything done, but followed a strict moisturizing routine all her life.
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    I've had a fair bit of dermapen (microneedling) and a horrendous amount of acid peels over the past three years. I see a dermatologist as I'm risky with skin cancer and pimples* so while the treatments are suppose to help with anti-ageing (treating the dermis layer rather than the top layer of your skin, the epidermis, which is useless unless its preventative aka maintaining moisture, or wearing vitamin c and sunscreen to keep away pollutants etc.), clear and healthy skin is the main objective. The base of my skin - regardless of stress pimples then red scars, is always super smooth and feels plump. But age (I recently turned 24), sunscreen and skincare products would be massive factors.

    For your age I would suggest first trying to reverse damage to the dermis layer of your skin. The dermis layer ultimately controls how your skin will look in the long run. Regardless of how amazing skin may look, sun spots, wrinkles, the sagging caused by ultraviolet radiation destroying collegan, etc., does not kick in to 40s, 50 - 30s if you are unlucky. Ultraviolet radiation and pollutant damage prevention, and treatment of the dermis layer is the best bet for under 30s. Mid 30s+ the damage is concrete and it becomes treatment of epidermis, dermis and fillers to hide skin damage.

    Generally, you are allowed eight sessions of dermapen every three years. It's best to arrange this with a dermatologist. You would also be able to check with them about injectibles and they would be able to provide an analyse of your skin type, damage and treatments it could benefit from, including cheap topical serums.

    Good luck with what you decide to go with!

    *Although my dermatologist might have a skewed perception as she freaks out if I have even one pimple scar. She hates my skin during uni semesters (with a part-time law post grad there's still at least three more years) bc of stress.
  6. I'm a decade older than you and that's what I do too.

    SPF (a little late in my case I was an avid swimmer all my life and sunblocks were terrible in the 70s, 80s and most of the 90s but better late than never), a good diet, regular exercise, a healthy attitude towards ageing and avoiding makeup whenever possible. A basic skincare routine and I have to avoid tretinoin on my doctors' advice.

    Keeping calm is also a huge factor, young people these days tend to freak out so easily. Taking things in your stride means less stress and we all know what stress does to us.

    I notice that women who apply makeup regularly have more lines, wrinkles and crepey skin so I try to avoid makeup of any kind whenever possible and when I do only the lightest coverage on areas that need evening out.
  7. Turning 37 this year. I've had pretty good skin most of my life and I buy into a million products for my skin, but this year I started to see an esthetician every month. She has me on a regimen that is ph balanced for my skin, and I have chemical peels, masks, and LED light treatments once a month.

    At home I have vitamin K for the eyes, vitamin c for the face with an anti-aging moisturizer with spf and at night I use snail essence serum and moisturizer. The only product I use that I can feel repairing my skin overnight is the Biopelle ampoules, which cost me a fortune so I use them in my regimen every few months.
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  8. Doctor - Botox
    Spa - facials and laser facials
    Home - face masks 2-3x/week, daily routine (cleanser, toner, serum at night, vitamin C, retinol, SPF)
  9. Basic skincare: cleanse, exfoliate, toner, moisturizer, eye cream or serum,depending. Sometimes additional exdoliating scrub or charcoal mask. Sunscreen every day.

    I'm not averse to laser treatments to fade age spots, when needed.
  10. Botox does not work on me, I have an immunity
    Doing Ultherapy around the eyes once a year, laser peeling for sun spots (I live in a very sunny place), laser chin tightening and occasional radiesse shots in the 11 spot.
  11. Early 20's. I see an esthetician once a month for extraction facials. I'm quite acne prone so I have to stay on top of this otherwise things can get out of hand.
  12. I’m 31. I got to the doctor to get Botox and I visit the med spa for my hydrafacials.
  13. God this makes me feel so old
  14. I'm 30.
    Spa - for cleansing and facial (every month) manicure and pedicure (once in two weeks)
    Home - Basic skincare: cleanse, toner, moisturizer, exfoliating scrub and sunscreen every day.