Which SIZES for which OCCASIONS?

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  1. Okay, ladies, please tell me WHEN you use the sizes you have? Like is the First only used for going out b/c of its size? Or the Work for well... work? TIA!:flowers:
  2. I use my day everyday :P .

    I use my teal first for going out to dinner and out at night.

    I am hoping to use my new part-time (as soon as it gets here) for everyday too.

    However, I really can't stand changing bags around all the time, so I take my day out to dinner and empty her a bit so she is nice and slouchy.
  3. i use my city for everyday sometimes college and out at night as long as it goes with what i'm wearing :smile:

    and i'm waiting for my work so i can use it for college and gym.
  4. I usually use the Work for work, the City for going out, and the Day on the weekends.
  5. I use the work for work and university and the city for work and as an everyday bag as well. My first I really just use for shopping days and nights out because she's too small for me. The purse I use like the city.
  6. No rules for my Day / City / First / Work bags !!!
    Just depends on the mood !!!
    Sometimes I'm carrying an almost empty Work (hoping to to fill it during the day...), sometimes I need to carry one of my (full) First...
  7. I only have one, but I use my City for work!
  8. Yeah...no rules for what B-bag to carry when. It all depends on how much stuff you need to carry that day. :yes:
  9. No rules for me except black tie. Then the Chanel comes out.
  10. I use my First for everyday to nights out and I use my Day only for traveling.
  11. I use the First for running quick errands and shopping trips; twiggy for longer days where I need more with me :yes:
  12. I use my Day for work because it holds the most. I alternate between my City and Twiggy for weekends. I use my first mostly for going out.
  13. CITY or TWIGGY - everyday for work :wlae:

    FIRST - after work bag and weekend bag :love:
  14. I use my WORK everyday for school!!! My HOBO and CITY are sitting neglected in the closet.........:sweatdrop:
  15. My First - for everything!
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