Which size?

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Which size?

  1. Small

  2. Medium

  1. Hello everyone,
    I'm about to buy a stunning Givenchy Antigona in light grey grained leather with silver hardware, but I have absolutely no idea on which size to choose (small or medium).

    I'm used to carry a lot of things with me, like a huge wallet, 2 phones, my ipad, 2 makeup bags, of course keys, and so on. Just to give some references, I'm currently carrying a Michael Kors Selma in the bigger size and sometimes I struggle to close it.

    With the medium size I should have no problems, but looks like it's almost too big (but I could also fit my laptop in it if I need to, which is good). I also tried the small size but I find kinda difficult to put it/pull out the iPad due to the not so big opening of the bag.

    My height is 5.9 (1,78mt) so both sizes should work, I'm posting a photo of me wearing both sizes in black just to see how they wear on me. Sorry for the very messy hair, it was raining :smile:

    Thanks for any advice you could give me!

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  2. I have the Medium and love it! I think the Medium looks better for your height, and it also seems like you could use the space. I will say that the bag gets heavy sometimes, but I don't think the small will be THAT much lighter once all of your stuff is packed in. Good luck with the decision!
  3. I think both sizes look equally great on you. However I would probably choose the medium as it will fit everything you need and still looks nice. Hope that helps!
  4. thanks guys... I think tonight I'll get back to the Givenchy counter and I'll try the medium on again with my boyfriend (I really trust his opinion, he cares about fashion almost more than me lol)
    I'm very pissed though, in Italy this bag never goes on sale! I did some research and across Europe I cannot find the bag cheaper than 1690€ (about 1890$), unless I go on preowned market... but it's my first really luxe bag, I'm celebrating both my birthday and a new exciting job, so I think I'm allowed to splurge a bit more lol :smile:
  5. You look great in both, but bc you are carrying it on your wrist in pic, the smaller looks better, however, when you have you bag filled instead of empty like in store, it'll be kinda heavy to always wrist/arm carry it.

    The medium looks great carried in the hand thi, and it works better with your height and it fits your needs, so unless you are buying this pricy bag just for light days of wallet, phone and small things to carry, I'd recommend the med.
  6. This should be my everyday bag for work, so I expect to carry as many things as I carry today in the Selma, if not more. I don't mind carrying it on my shoulder if it gets too heavy for the wrist, I'd be more upset if it looses its shape because it has too many things inside...

    I'm 90% sure I'll get the medium size!
  7. I think both look good but the medium seems more practical! Can't wait to see your reveal [emoji5]
  8. If you keep the med bag relatively full, it should keep the shape. G'luck
  9. Both sizes look great on you but if you're concerned about the capacity then definitely go for the medium size.
  10. The medium looks good on you
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