which size

  1. i am pretty sure i want the first but i figured i would ask some experienced and seasoned bbag owners :smile::smile:

    which size is better the first or the city

    i am pretty small around 5 ft 1 and i dont know if i want a huge bag but please tell me your opinions
  2. A first is great if you don't carry a lot, if you tend to carry more, then a city may suit you better.
  3. It really depends how much you carry. There are lots of people your size carrying Cities or even bigger bags, so I wouldn't let that hold you back if you want to carry more stuff. Check the reference library thread on dimensions and prices for all the bags - that should be a big help for you.
  4. ^^^ same. i tried on both. and i found that i liked the first more, but if you carry alot, i would go with a city
  5. i;m 5"2. am looking for a B bag too.... is the city or first size more popular... looking to get one in the red 07 from the internet.. gorgeous colour!!!
  6. I would go with the city, first is very pretty and the perfect size for a going out bag but for everyday use I feel it's too small.
  7. start out with a city! If u opt for the first, it is an amazing a great style too! Just fits the necessities though...wallet, cell, makeup/cosmetic bag, keys, and a few other stuff whereas the city will fit all that and much more....and is truly an everyday bbag...!