which size??

  1. Hello
    I buy my first speedy on saturday. But I don't know which one, 30 or 35?

    which one are better? what are your experience with both sizes?:confused1:

    Thanks for your help !:heart:
  2. Neither are better, per se, but I purchased the 30. Since you're considering either the 30 or the 35, I'm assuming you carry a lot of stuff like me :smile:. I thought the 35 was too large for my petite frame, so I opted for the 30 (though some think the 30 even looks too large on some people). I like the look of big bags on me, and the 25 was too small. 30 seemed like a happy medium.

    Would you get to buy it in-store on Saturday? If so, I would definitely try both on and see which one suits your taste! It's really up to you.
  3. i think the 30 is a nice size on everyone but it depends how much you want to carry.
  4. I like the 35, I just like how it's bigger and looks so chic. I wish the other lines made a 35!
  5. I buy the speedy in the lv store in hamburg here. Thats the difficult thing I have tried both and both look great .. so what i should do?:crybaby::confused1:

    I tend to the 30 its perfect I think for classic dinners or shoppingdays ... but I will not repent that I choose that one. the 35 is a big bag its trend, for everything to put in but looks it not "too" big?

    I'm 1.74 m high.
  6. i agree...

    but i think the 30 might be a good size. All in all, I like both
  7. I think you can pull off both! I would just spend more time in the store on Saturday and see which one you like. I think the 25 & 30 can do day & night, but any bigger and I only really see it as a day bag. I'm a big bag lover, too, but since I'm petite, I think 30 looked appropriately big. How much stuff do you carry?
  8. I recently purchased both the 30 and 35 from elux to compare the size difference. At first I thought the 30 was too small for me, but when I received the 35, it was much bigger than I expected. It was just too big for what little I carry with me. So, I ended up keeping the 30 and returning the 35.
  9. I like the 30, the 35 is a little too big for me for everyday use. I also have the tendency to fill up my bags so it is better to get a size that is more managable.
  10. Personally I like the 30. 35 might be a little too big for everyday use.
  11. everything a girl needs ;) cosmetic products, mobil, water, wallet, .. etc.
    I think everything of my things fit in the 30 er size.

    for me is the look of the bag very important. so I think which bag LOOKS better. the size and all
  12. Hmm...I think 30 is plenty big (I actually prefer 25)...35 is pretty large. I think this size would be a good carry on/book bag/mother's bag...and it might be hard to carry everyday because it's a really big "hand" bag (not a shoulder bag).

    I think 30 would make a fine everyday bag. :yes:
  13. Go for the 30. The 35 can often look a big too big...more like luggage.
  14. 30 is a very nice size....35 is tooooooo big!
  15. Speedy 30 is the most practical size...