Which size Veneta?

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Choose the size

  1. Small 38 x 28 cm

    0 vote(s)
  2. Medium 48 x 30 cm

  3. Large/Maxi 50+ cm

  1. Hello Dear BV-ettes :smile:
    I would be grateful to have your input which size of Veneta you like/use more and if any 'cons' re any particular size, please specify why, TIA!
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    Last edited: Jul 6, 2016
    There are quite a few tPF threads on veneta sizing including pros and cons. Your best bet is to visit a boutique or a retailer that sells BV. Try on different sizes with all your"stuff" loaded inside. I have a the large maxi electrique veneta and the large Nero belly. I tend to like larger bags that do well on biz trips.
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  3. My searching engine isn't helpful after the revamp of the site, I either get zero result, or endless links to posts in the same thread
    Thanks a lot for your feedback
  4. i have a medium and large in the old style and a medium in the new style- also had a maxi veneta old style. i think of all of them the maxi was my favorite- sorry i sent it to a new home and the two mediums were a mistake. even though the medium could carry my stuff quite nicely i like the drop, drape and the opening of the larger size veneta better- although my large and maxi are the old style- not sure how the woven handle is in the large and maxi size. the medium in the new style was a mistake. i feel the whole balance of the bag was off. anyway- jmo and hth-
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  5. I have a medium and large in the old style and couple of larges in the new style. Personally, the new handle on the newer version doesn't bother me and I don't notice it being that much different.

    As for size, large all the way for me. I'd like to try a maxi someday. The medium holds all my essentials but no room for anything xtra and like Annie, I prefer a longer drop.

    You should try on sizes if at all possible. I do not live near a boutique but try things through consignment.

    GL! Fun decision to make. [emoji4]
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  6. I only have the old style Venetas. I think the size depends on how you plan to use it. For what it's worth, I like both medium and large, and they work for different occasions. On me, the medium looks dressier. It sits up higher on the torso, and its smaller scale holds enough for me--full size wallet, sunglasses, keys, mobile, lipstick, tissues, etc. The large is a lower-slung and more casual bag on me because I'm petite. It falls closer to my hip. I really like it for non-dressy occasions. Both sizes are easy and comfortable to use. Have fun deciding.
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  7. Tremendously huge thanks, ladies!
    Actually I have one Veneta 48 x 30 cm in Krim (blue) and it fits right for me (2012, old style)
    now I am torn between an immaculate condition Carmino (2007) small (38 x 28cm) and a brand new Toscana large (50+ cm)
    size wise I am a "L/Maxi" girl, but I so love Carmino! and I don't have this colour in any other style ...
    I suspected smaller option will be tight as I do love longer drop, too... that's why asked for your feedback, which is very valuable for me
    I tried them all in the boutique, but when they are new, they feel pretty much the same for me, you can feel the difference only after use for a while
  8. Would LOVE to have something in Camino.
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  9. I only have the large Venetas and love them, never felt the need to try a different size because the large is just perfect for me
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  10. I have a few large and one medium. The medium is really too small for me but I love the shape and color so I just carry less when I use it. I don't even look at anything other than large now. I love how the large bags hang lower.
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  11. Eventually my saga ended up with a small Carmino Veneta, it's in a 'brand new' condition, without any sign of use, still has a nice, light smell of good BV leather.

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  12. :smile:
  13. despite the small size I still decided not to miss the chance with this one,
    a lovely small Carmino Veneta has joined the family and added a nice pop of colour (these pix don't do it justice at all) to my collection,
    but I am almost done with talking my Hubby into getting me one more Veneta in a neutral colour and in large size for my BD to make my 'family' complete :biggrin:
  14. [​IMG]

    Love this! Congrats on your great purchase, and wear her in good health and happiness! Carmino is the best red!
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  15. Thank you! :smile:
    Indeed, it is!
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