Which size speedy is right? 25 30 35?

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  1. This is my first post so sorry if i sound like a geek!

    I really love the mono speedy, but which size to get im just not sure. I've lived in my Chloe Paddington since i got her but now i think i need a change. I've spent the last few weeks reading all your posts and figured its about time i spoke up!

    I'm 19 y/o and 5'2'' and i really love the look of the 35, its big enough to get my folders in for University, but will it look like im carrying luggage around with me all the time???

    The 30 is adorable and such a workable size, its slightly smaller than the overall size of my Paddy, but the paddy has so much going on that you cant actually get much in it. Hence why i've chosen to go for a speedy.

    The 25 still looks pretty but im afraid it will be to small and look silly on my body shape (im an hourglass). I've vistited the store in London but it was so busy i didnt have chance to try them all!

    Im kinnda concerned about sagging, but i suppose i could get some stiff card and pad out the bottom a little so it keeps some shape. What do you guys do about the sagging?

    Have you got any advice or recomendations on maybe trying a diffrent style of Vuitton that will suit my needs?? It needs to be spacious and stylish. Gotta be able to fit my uni books in and a change of clothes for my weekends away!

    tPF! Please Help!

    Nickky x
  2. I have the 30, that is enough for me and I have still enough place.
    It depends on how much you carry with you. Honestly i don't do nothing about the sagging,I'm okay with that. But yes you can put something to reduce it.
  3. I just got the 25 and love it. It is small but I really don't carry much and I plan to use it for the weekends anyway.

    I say get the 30 since you're concerned about the size and about how much you carry. I think its right for your size.
  4. yeah i do love the 30 and i have less of a concern over that one (eg not to big or small)

    Did it take you long to decide what size was right for you? Because this has been on my mind for ages!
  5. I own the mono speedy 30 and its a great bag and it fits ALOT!! OMG, sometimes i surprise myself with how much its able to hold. I'm able to hold in their clothes for the weekends plus diapers and bottles and my personal stuff..

    for a college student i think the 30 would be great but I also think you should look into a shoulder bag to hold your folders and stuff. :smile: But if you go with the speedy congrats! your gonna love it!
  6. Hi!!
    Welcome to the post!
    Im 15 and 5f5...I realy prefer the speedy 30 for school and stuff.The size of the 25 is great too...but if you want to put papers in your bag..you better get the 30.

    Im getting the mono speedy 30 in 2 weeks!!I cant wait..its going to be my first LV bag..before LV i was a Fendi spy girl lol
  7. I'm almost 5'6" and I carry the 35 as an everday bag. I love big bags and this is the largest I can go that doesn't look definitely a luggage bag on me.
  8. I would go for the 30, I like the 35, too...but might be a bit big for your size.
  9. Oops, forgot to say...Welcome!
  10. As far as sagging goes, i just let it be. Its part of my speedy..but alot of people here use pursekets..search for pursekets in the forum search and you'll get lots of pictures and info..
  11. yeah it took me a while. i ordered from Elux and was debating up to the end whether to get the 25 or 30. so i went with the 25 and don't regret it. its really cute!

    just get what you're really leaning towards. i see that you're concerned about the stuff you carry so i think the 30 might be best for you.:yes:
  12. kathyrose; i'am also a lover of big bags! mostly so i have somthing to hide behind when im not feeling so fabulous, lol!

    socalgrl86; Thanks for the advice on sagging! i think i will just let it be, like you say its part of the speedy!

    coco_allure; I have also been a spybag girl! but i hardly use her anymore :sad:

    Girls, i think im going to go with the 30. Its right for the size, and its still got the cute factor without being to small.

  13. IMO you can't gp wrong with the 30!! The 25 has and will always be too small for me.

    I haven't had the 35 but I think that might a future next purchase. I could really use the space! I have seen it on people and don't think it looks great. Especially because not many carry it!

    Oh yeah. Also, my 30 is stuffed and doesn't sag at all because I put a catalog in the bottom of the bag!
  14. go with the 30! esp if ya're using it for school. the main difference btw a 30 and a 25 is that ya can squeeze magazines into the 30 but not the 25.

    when ya are at the store, take your time and try on all the different sizes. there'll def be one that 'stands' out to ya (:
  15. 30 is stylish, sophisticated and roomy. 25 is cute, lighter and less sagging. These two are my choices! Either one can never go wrong. ;)