Which size Saleya?

  1. This is a follow up to my other question "which Saleya azur or ebene?" Anyways, I was thinking of getting the mm size, but several of you responded to get the azur in gm. I had never thought of that size. Do you think the GM is too big for an everday bag?
  2. Personally I think the Gm is too big for an everyday bag. I prefer the MM, to me the GM is more of a travel bag
  3. thats what i was thinking too...thanks
  4. I also agree that the GM is too big for an everyday bag. Go for the MM!:yes:
  5. can anyone post modeling pics?
  6. I am sure about the size... MM... but the color???? azur is beautiful and very cute but ebony is much easy to use. I think you are in california. if I were you I get the azur mm..
  7. I think it all depends on your personal needs. Do you carry nearly enough for the GM size? If not, then the MM would be perfect, not too big nor too small, its just right and very cute in the azur!
  8. MM!! GM is just too big for everyday.
  9. Personally, even the MM is too big for everyday (unless its used for work or school or young children) so the GM is definitely too big.
  10. i think it depends on your height and how much stuff you tote around with you everyday... if you're a petit person and you don't carry a whole lot, i think pm is fine.. but i guess i would personally go for the MM (even though i'm petit) because it seems like it would hold more stuff and the pm would be a little small.
  11. I think the PM is perfect for everyday, but it really depends on how small/big you are & the items you carry with you daily. I say get the MM, the GM is too big!
  12. I prefer the MM
  13. I saw a lady with the GM size at Macy's one time and I thought the bag was so big to be used as an everyday bag. I thought it looked like she was going to the airport or something instead of trying on shoes! LOL The MM size is perfect. I tried on the PM and it was a bit too small for all my daily things. Good luck!!
  14. I have the PM size and I think it's perfect for everyday bag. I am 5'2" BTW. If you are small and petite, you can carry the PM size on your shoulder. The MM is too big for me IMO. Again, it depends on how much stuff you carry around everyday.
  15. The GM looks like a travel carry-on bag, IMO (though a really nice one). The PM is a small bag so it depends on your size and needs. I really like both PM and MM in Azur. Good luck in your decision.