Which size pursekit makes sense for a Speedy 30?

  1. Which do you have? What size? What pattern? Do you love it?
  2. I use the large Purseket in Ostrich in my Speedy 30. It does overlap a bit so you may want to use a medium. I love my Pursekets - I have a drop-in, small, medium & large. They are awsome for keeping all my stuff in their places so I don't have to go digging!
  3. I only wanted to buy one Purseket, so I got a medium - it works in both my 25's and 30's. I really like it because it helps with the Speedy sag issue.
  4. Which pattern do you guys like? Looks like the Ostriche is the most versatile.
  5. I use a large in my speedy 30 and it overlaps just a tad
  6. I have a medium and it works in Speedy 25/30, also in the noe perfectly!
  7. I ordered a medium in London plaid. I figured it would be the most versatile. Thanks for your input! :smile:
  8. I have the medium in the pink (basketweave)-- it's a bright pink but I can really find everything I need...
  9. Where do I find a pursekit
  10. Both work great!
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