Which size of agenda do you have?


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  1. Which size of agenda do you have?
  2. Small mc agenda
  3. I prefer the large because I use it for business and personal. I like to look at a month in view.
  4. ^same as Debbie - Black MC GM with month on two pages!!
  5. Sm. Bronze Vernis Agenda
  6. small framboise agenda - SO PRETTY!
  7. Small ring vernis frambroise! I love her!!
  8. I have the small ring framboise vernis:love:
  9. the medium is the perfect size for me :yes:. it's so much easier to write in, especially if i have a lot of things to write :lol:
  10. I don't have an LV agenda - yet! But I would totally get a medium one... :smile:
  11. small ring mono- coach day on a page. i am trying it out as a wallet- streamling my life! (sort of!)
  12. I have the mini mono - it's so cute and good enough for me !
  13. I just got the medium Plum Suhali! I love it :heart:
  14. small ring mono koala - it's cute! although I'm still trying to find a nice pen that fits in the pen ring...
  15. Small Framboise Vernis Agenda.