Which size Muse?

  1. Which size Muse fits the easiest over the shoulder?:shrugs:

    Also, do they have elbow clearence?:s
  2. P.S. I am 5'9 with a healthy build (size 10), so I could pull off the biggest one, as long as it is comfortable on the shoulder (I read the oversize actually has a shorter handle... is this true???)
  3. I believe that the straps on the Oversize Muse are slightly shorter than the straps on the Large or Medium, but the difference is very slight, about an inch, I think.

    I can squeeze my Oversize Muse over my shoulder, and I am not petite. But with a winter coat on, that would never happen! (The skinny celebs seem to have an easier time of it.) I think the Muse looks better hand-carried anyway, or in the crook of the arm, so the whole issue doesn't bother me much.

    Anyway, if you read through this subforum, you will see A LOT of comments about this topic... Really, I think the bottom line is to try on the different sizes (if possible where you live) and see what feels best to you...
  4. This bag is on my list and I have seen the oversized and the large IRL. If I ever buy the OS it would be to carry my computer and work things. For everyday use, I would use the large. I'm 5'10" and a size 12.
  5. When you tried it on was it at all comfortable on the shoulder? We sound very similiarly built. If you wanted a shoulder bag would you buy a large or over-size? Or not at all??? :shrugs:

    TYIA, as I am not in an area where I can go try it on :flowers:

  6. Thanks! I did and it is impossible to judge the shoulder length since they are all model thin.

    I saw Oprah had a white muse on her roadtrip episode today and it was the first time I was like, "I have to have this bag." But she didn't have on her shoulder....
  7. the drop on the large is about 7" which i think is an inch longer than the oversize (and which made a huge difference to me). i'm sorry i don't know about the medium.
  8. Thanks nyc! That is very helpful!!